Top-10 best-selling NFT collections

NFT (non-fungible token) is a real bestseller in the world of cryptocurrencies. The market is mainly divided into works of art and collections of different items (game objects from a multiverse). In this review we will tell you about NFT collections. The first collection was released in 2017 under the name of CryptoPunks. The most expensive CryptoPunks item was sold for $7 million.

A list of the best NFT collections

The Ethereum blockchain is the most popular platform for launching NFT collections. Here are the best works on this service:

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  1. Cryptopunks.
  2. HEAD DAO.
  3. Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  4. Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs.
  5. CreatureToadz.
  6. CyberKongz.
  7. Doodles.
  8. Emblem Vault.
  9. KaijuKingz.
  10. Jungle Freaks by Trosley. 

Let’s evaluate all the advantages and features of each collection of the art objects.


Official site
Number of objects10000
Total cost of objects1 193 025 ETH (Ethereum)
Daily sales amount1 237 ETH

The collection consists of 10 thousand different characters. All of them are generated based on such appearance parameters as hairstyle, skin color, accessories, etc. Each punk is unique and has no counterparts in the virtual world. There’s also a rarity scale: very rare and valuable punks are more expensive than the rest of the characters.


Official site 
Number of objects10000
Total cost of objects4562 ETH
Daily sales amount476 ETH

The project is owned by several people. The name of the collection itself suggests that it comprises pixel heads. The income from the sale of images goes to the general account of the DAO, and then the creators dispose of it collectively. The price of the “heads” varies, depending on the complexity of the composition and its popularity.

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Bored Ape Yacht Club

Official site 
Number of objects10000
Total cost of objects418 574 ETH
Daily sales amount378 ETH
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The collection is comprised of unique monkey characters. All digital items are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and are a card only for club members. All club members can use these vivid graffiti for their own purposes. 

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Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs 

Official site 
Number of objects999
Total cost of objects163 336 ETH
Daily sales amount360 ETH


Fidenza is a modern platform for making interesting virtual drawings. The main difference from other art objects is the beautiful curved lines that create a visual effect of colorful streams. 


Official site 
Number of objects8888
Total cost of objects4165 ETH
Daily sales amount313 ETH

The project was created under the leadership of several owners of successful NFT-communities. The creators are pursuing a far-reaching goal — to form a new decentralized NFT-organization for talented users. The main character in all the works is a stylized frog. The drawing is done by digital artist Skirano. 


Official site 
Number of objects4124 
Total cost of objects62 897 ETH
Daily sales amount264 ETH

The key image in all the works is a randomly generated 2D and 3D character. They all are based on the model of a real monkey. Each of them is optionally complemented with a variety of accessories to give it personality.


Official site 
Number of objects10000 
Total cost of objects16 470 ETH
Daily sales amount246 ETH
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All images are bright and unique. Each of the characters is created using more than 100 accessories and attributes. The main goal of the creators is to spread Doodles in modern cultural trends. 

Emblem Vault

Official site 
Number of objects20 090 
Total cost of objects33 402 ETH
Daily sales amount143 ETH

All the sold tokens are placed on several popular blockchains (including Ethereum). This collection is only a part of the main idea of the developers. At the heart of everything is a decentralized token that allows any trading operations between any blockchains. Transactions can be carried out both with tokens and other files (such as artworks). 


Official site 
Number of objects3384
Total cost of objects18 042 ETH
Daily sales amount140 ETH

This collection contains thousands of images of different pixel beasts that can be used in meta-universes. Initially, only 3333 objects were included in the list, but later more unique and original figures became available to users. 

Jungle Freaks by Trosley

Official sitehttps://junglefreaks 
Number of objects10000
Total cost of objects16 176 ETH
Daily sales amount132 ETH

The characters of this collection were drawn by the artist manually without using any modern technology.

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