7 best music NFT marketplace in 2022

Music NFTs are gradually shaping the digital world and how music artists share and interact with their fans. This guide has curated a list of the best NFT marketplace to see your digital music art in 2022.

On several platforms, music artists can mint and quickly sell their NFTs, whether about their entire album or song. Fans can be allowed exclusive access to purchase these non-fungible tokens without the meddling of an intermediary.

A bunch of NFT marketplaces have emerged in the past months, spoiling musicians with many options. Continue with this guide to discover the seven best NFT marketplaces to explore and sell your fantastic digital art.

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1. OpenSea

Founder— Devin Finzen, Alex Atallah, 2017


OpenSea is currently the largest NFT marketplace for a broad range of transactions. It allows artists to create and sell different NFTs, including collectibles, art, music, and domain names.

Being the largest marketplace, OpenSea dedicates a section to the music industry. Artists can further customize their NFTs to earn them royalties when sold as secondary market sales.

2. Sound.xyz

Founder— David Greenstein, 2020

Website— https://www.sound.xyz/

Sound.xyz is another marketplace for music NFT sales. It also doubles as a platform for streaming music of famous music artists from all over. On the one hand, fans can show support for their favorite. On the other hand, music artists can host events for their new song releases.

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Sound.xyz is different from other music NFT marketplace in that it allows fans and supporters to publish their comments on a particular soundtrack they endorse. It is also the first site that provides artist-owned contracts.

3. Rarible

Founder— Alexei Falin, 2019

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Rarible is part of the founding NFT marketplaces that allow creators to trade their music NFTs. A community manages this platform. It is fun to operate, especially for users with the RARI token. This token allows creators like music artists to mind and sell their NFTs.

Speaking of fees, this platform charges 2.5% on each sale that takes place directly on its marketplace. Moving forward, Rarible offers up to 10% royalties to creators, making it a preferred marketplace for music artists.

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4. Zora

Founder— Slava Kim, 2020


Launched in 2020, Zora prefers to be described as a universal media registry protocol that allows music artists to monetize their digital art after publishing them. This platform uses a unique token accessible to anyone, regardless of the original owner.

5. Audius

Founder— Roneil Rumburg, 2018


Audius is another NFT marketplace, music streaming, and sharing platform intended to decentralize the music industry through blockchain technology. By running a streaming service, music artists can sell their NFTs via the $AUDIO token to enable them to generate revenue from their art.

In addition, musicians can interact with their fans by sharing their original work, empowering songwriters, or hosting remix content.

6. Catalog

Founder— Jermey Stern, 2020


Catalog is prominent amongst top music NFT platforms for launching 1/1 and single-edition music NFTs. Catalog is unique because it allows artists to add their songs to an open library and set prices.

Moreover, music artists can list NFTs in a reserve auction or accept collectors’ offers. Besides getting all the revenue from the first sale, artists can also get royalties on profit from subsequent sales.

7. Royal

Founder— Justin Blau, 2021


Royal is also one of the best music NFT platforms that empower music artists with the rights to songs sold on the platform. The most important part of this platform is the creators, who can decide the amount they would like to get as royalties for their digital art. For this reason, Royal is considered a suitable NFT marketplace for musicians.

Key notes

NFT has come to stay. And it’s great everyone understands how it works. The seven listed NFT retailers are sure plugs for NFT collections at affordable rates.

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