5 most celebrated art festivals in the world

Indeed the internet has provided the opportunity for us all to enjoy various works of art around the world. A good example is the introduction of NFTs that allows for the monetization of artworks. However, real-life artworks have a way of giving you first-hand experience that beats digital art.

Seeing a work of art like a sculpture or a painting close-up has a way of eliciting pure emotions that a computer or smartphone screen cannot replicate.

In today’s guide, we will take a look at the top 5 most famous art events around the world. In many of the biggest art festivals around the world is where the best of artists come to show their expertise. Get set as we explore how these events shape the history of art.

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1. The Venice Biennial

The first famous art festival around the world is the Venice Biennial. This festival happens to be one of the most prestigious and oldest contemporary exhibitions of art. Starting from 1895, the Biennial art festival is observed once every 2 years, with more than 300,000 visitors in attendance.

Promising artists are usually sent to this festival, often referred to as the “Olympics of the contemporary art world.” When you’re looking for a grant or start of an art festival to attend, the Venice Biennial is an excellent choice for you. 

Photo by jens schwan / Unsplash

2. Foire Internationale d’art Contemporain in France (FIAC)

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Suppose you are fascinated by viewing works of art from a monumental perspective. In that case, you may want to consider visiting Paris in the month of October for the International Fair of Contemporary Art (FIAC). The most prominent art fair held in France sits among other fairs in the world.

A good example is the glass-domed exposition hall in the city’s heart. This venue is perfect for hosting galleries specializing in contemporary and modern art. Bridging the gap between current and recent most famous art festivals is the Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain.

Photo by fiacparis / Flick

3. Hong Kong International Art Fair

The Hong Kong International Art Fair Or ART HK is the largest event of its kind in the continent of Asia. Although this art festival has only been around ever since 2007, it has grown into something significant over the years. In 2012, the Hong Kong International Art Fair welcomed 266 galleries from various countries, with visitors reaching more than 67,000.

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If you find yourself in Asia, especially Hong Kong, during this period, you should consider ART HK. This art fair is famous for placing value on works of art. Known to exhibit Western and Eastern galleries in an equal amount, the ART HK seeks to strike a healthy balance to meet international taste. 

Photo from www.hongkongartfair.com
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4. Frieze Art Fair in London 

Every month of October in Regent’s Park, London, the Frieze Art Fair is observed. This famous art festival features more than 170 of the most thrilling contemporary galleries of art in the world. In addition to that, Frieze is respected as the most important art fair in London.

This art fair centers on living artists, which makes it easy for one to expect dynamic works of art that will attract new and seasoned collectors. Allistair Hicks – an art adviser to Deutsche Bank – says, “it is a wonderful mixture of artists, clients, and collectors – the art market in its fullness.” Frieze New York – an offset of Frieze London – started in Randall’s Island and focuses on contemporary art fairs. This art fair will tick the box as you are a fan of a client-collector gallery of art.

Photo from greyartgallery.nyu.edu

5. Art Basel Switzerland

Even though the primitive Art Basel took off in 1970 in Switzerland, it didn’t take much time for it to become one of the most famous events for art collectors, dealers, lovers, and curators everywhere. It is often referred to as the “world’s premier international art festival” for contemporary and modern art.

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In the past, Art Basel Switzerland was recorded to run from the 14th of June to the 17th, displaying works of art of more than 2,500 artists from more than 300 galleries in 36 countries. This art festival brings grand masters of art side by side, promising a never-seen-before exhibition.

Photo by Time Out Switzerland

Which of the biggest world art festivals- would you visit?

Choosing the best art festival worldwide to visit should be a no-brainer for you, having gone through this guide. Although there are hundreds of art festivals worldwide, we have streamlined the options into our top choice box of 5, touching various countries and continents to help you make a memorable year. So, cheer up and jump on any, you’d sure enjoy it.

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