5 best fiction books about finance

Fun fact: interestingly, 88% of successful people read at least half an hour a day. For example, Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. And imagine, Warren Buffett devotes five to six hours a day to reading!

And if you want to be successful and know exactly how to manage money and how it can affect a person’s thinking, it’s worth reading not only dry scientific works. We have selected five cool fiction books about finance that are unlikely to leave you indifferent.

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Making Money by Terry Pratchett

This book is a fantasy novel by the English writer Terry Pratchett, number 36 of the Discworld series. The main character, Moist von Lipwig, is a swindler who was sentenced to death, but then pardoned in exchange for a promise to revive the postal service.

After the successful completion of this task, the hero was offered to renovate the banking sector. Moist encounters a huge number of obstacles on the way to a good result in this field, but thanks to his ingenuity, he manages to find a solution.

Solar Lottery by Philip K. Dick 

The protagonist of the book experiences incredible luck — one day, waking up in the morning, he discovers that he has won the world’s largest lottery. Of course, everyone starts chasing him, from old friends to world influential personalities. What will he do? Will this huge amount of money make him truly happy?

Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey 

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So, is it possible to combine religiosity, love, and incredible greed in such a way that you get a splendid romance that draws everyone in? Yes, according to the book “Oscar and Lucinda” by Peter Carey. The novel is about a breathtaking missionary journey through Australia, started on the basis of a bet with other avid gamblers.

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In general, this story is often described as a book that tells how you can increase your  prosperity and create a legacy that is simply extraordinary. Money, as it is not surprising, will find a truly good use — and this is not charity!

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Lords of Finance — Bankers Who Broke the World by Liaquat Ahamed 

This book is a story that straddles the line between a textbook on the history of finance and an exciting fantasy thriller. The story is based on the characters of the Great Depression of 1929, whose actions forever changed the financial system, destroying it.

The four bankers make different choices and show interesting features of human nature — this allows the reader to understand exactly how and why the crisis unfolded. Some people, after reading it, believe that the four characters simply destroyed the economy in record time, and some remain with the opinion that they saved the world from complete chaos.

Snow Crash by Neal Stevenson 

Not exactly a classic financial fiction novel, but a very good one! The book itself describes a near gloomy future, where all countries are controlled by huge corporations, and the world is united by three-dimensional virtual reality.

The protagonist in ordinary life is not a very successful pizza delivery man, but in the metaverse, his role is much larger, because he is a famous samurai warrior and hacker! It is in his power to slow down the spread of a Snow Crash (a dangerous drug) and prevent the cyber apocalypse. And if you like the book, you can learn about the further history of the world in the novel “The Diamond Age”.

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