Top-5 destinations for traveling alone

You may not be a fan of loneliness, but independent travel is not about that. It opens up a wealth of hidden opportunities for a person. For example, you have more chances to get better acquainted with the culture and nature of the host country, or connect with yourself without being distracted by others. The popularity of traveling alone is growing rapidly. According to statistics, 61% of women and 39% of men travel all over the world independently. We have compiled a list of 5 perfect places to travel alone!

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Norwegian fjords

In addition to the fact that the fjords at the junction of the sea and the mountains in the austere northern Europe are indescribably beautiful, Norway is a very safe country — all the ratings say that there’s a very low crime rate, compared even to other northern European countries


Costa Rica

Costa Rica won first place in the “Happy Planet” contest, which means that its citizens live a long and happy life. “The Land of the Happy” is also a great place for water sports and walks through the famous Misty Forest. 

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Cinque Terre, Italy 

This place is the opposite of the noisy and vibrant part of Italy. Beautiful coastal villages, winding roads between rocks, colored houses create the perfect conditions for wandering alone, reflecting and dreaming about happiness and love.

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New Zealand

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The country offers many adventures for the lone traveler. It has everything from bungee jumping and boat cruises to bike rides and hiking — you may not even notice that you’re alone! Such a vacation is most suitable for active, energetic people, who thrive on extreme sports and thrills. 


Tuscany, Italy

The region is famous for its countless colorful vineyards and delicious wines. For a full immersion in the Tuscan ambiance, we advise you to take a hiking tour — a great opportunity to walk around the old towns, taste the famous regional wines and enjoy traditional dishes. 

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