10 rookie mistakes all travelers make

Few people do everything right on the very first trip, but you can minimize the number of mistakes by studying the most common ones before you set off. Those who have survived more than one voyage are ready to share their experience and talk about ten things that should be avoided so as not to spend too much.

Travel only through tour operators

Although tours from licensed operators are reliable and safe, they can be expensive. And if you can spend a little time planning, it’s worth considering an alternative. By finding tickets, lodging, and eating locations on your own, you can not only get ideal conditions but also save a lot of money.

Choice of accommodation exclusively in hotels

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Do not assume that a famous hotel with a room for the price of a royal apartment is the only safe way to rent a house abroad. Tourists can safely enjoy new locations by living in hostels (if you need accommodation for just a couple of nights) or apartments. By the way, if you choose apartments, then be sure to make sure that there is a kitchen there.

Purchasing commonplace souvenirs

Souvenirs are expensive and, most often, pointless, because they just sit on the shelves and collect dust. So, if you want to bring some memorabilia to your loved one, it`s hardly worth making a choice in favor of figurines and magnets. It`s better to ask if he or she collects something special or bring something that fully reflects the local flavor: an item of national clothing, local sweets, jewelry.

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Booking accommodation near popular locations

The closer to a popular location, the more expensive and the more people. You don`t want to spend a large amount and suffer from the crowd as soon as you leave your place of residence, do you? Explore all possible locations and don’t be afraid to opt for quiet and peaceful spots.

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Excessive baggage

Are you going to travel for new experiences or show off your stylish outfits? We`re willing to bet that the first option is more correct! Try to fit all of your belongings into your carry-on luggage. A huge suitcase will not only cost you an additional amount in the ticket price, but will also significantly complicate your movement.

Choose local bazaars instead of supermarkets

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If you are in a hurry, then of course you should go to a regular supermarket and quickly buy the necessary products. But if you have time, take a walk and find out what goods can be purchased at the local bazaar. In addition, here you can save a lot by knocking down the price by bargaining with sellers.

Fun fact: in some countries, bargaining on the market is a special tradition and the price of all goods includes an extra charge for this reason. The art of bargaining is especially developed in Egypt, Turkey, and Georgia. And if in these countries in a supermarket, pharmacy and restaurant you will see 100% only fixed prices, then in India, fixed prices in stores are marked with the M.R.P. price tag, and everything else can be bargained cheaper.

Buying things abroad

Think in advance about what things will be useful to you because buying something for everyday use abroad can be quite expensive and problematic. Especially when it comes to some seasonal goods, such as swimwear, sunscreen, flip flops — all this is sold much more expensive at resort locations.

Buying a local SIM

Another point on which inexperienced tourists are often fooled is the purchase of a local SIM card. In fact, now most telephone operators either offer roaming at an affordable price or allow the use of instant messengers even with a minimal Internet connection. In addition, you can find free Wi-Fi zones in cafes and hotels, through which you can contact your loved ones without spending money on a SIM card.

Eating at the first place you see

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Establishments located around hostels and hotels usually charge above-average prices for their meals, as tourists don’t know about local pricing policy and will eat anyway regardless of the cost. So, before the trip, be sure to explore the establishments within walking distance, so as not to be limited to the first one that comes across.

Relaxing on hyped-up beaches

Again, beaches close to popular tourist residential locations are places that are like a swarm of bees in their busyness. Being there won`t bring pleasure. Be sure to explore if there are less popular beaches in the city where there will not be as many people and the price of renting an umbrella will not be sky-high.

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