7 reasons why traveling alone is a great experience

Some travelers take solo trips very seriously. George Meegan walked 30,000 km in 2,425 days; Ffyona Campbell walked 32,000 km in the space of 11 years. If you take it down a notch, you can have memories of extraordinary, eye-opening solo trips, too. 

This guide to traveling alone advantages covers seven reasons to go on a solo adventure at least once in your life. There will also be many tips for traveling alone sprinkled across the article. 

Plan your perfect trip

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Did you ever had disagreements with friends and family about where to go on the weekend, what to order for dinner, or even what music to listen to in the car? Well, forget it now. Solo traveling is the ultimate freedom from arguments, compromises, or worrying about other people’s plans.

Change plans on a dime

It’s obviously nice to be enjoying a well-laid plan. But if you don’t like your plan anymore, simply make a different decision and move on. Book a new quirky hotel or rent the smallest car you can find. There is no one to say “no” when you’re traveling alone.

Get out of your comfort zone

The idea of being alone in a new city is scary, even more so if you don’t speak the local language. But think of the courage and confidence you’ll gain when you get out of the comfortable bubble of your home and you conquer that fear. 

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Meet more locals and make more friends

One of the benefits of traveling alone means connecting with locals on a deeper level. At first, there is no one to distract you during a long ride or grab breakfast with. But when you don’t have company, you’re forced to be more outgoing than normal. 

Besides, you’ll seem more approachable, so people are more likely to strike up a conversation with you.

Focus on the destination

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Having friends and family with you can create a buffer between you and your surroundings. In this case, though, you’ll go through new experiences without distractions. Instead of snapping a pic of your significant other or chatting throughout the entire hike, you’ll connect with the place more directly.

Get to know yourself better

Traveling teaches you not only about the world but also about yourself. When you don’t have to fit in with others’ travel preferences, you can see what kind of traveler you truly are. You understand what’s important to you and learn your limits.

As a bonus, you’ll also see yourself becoming more self-reliant and respectful of your own needs.

Start enjoying your own company

There are enormous science-backed psychological and emotional benefits to occasional solitude. You can’t always get it in busy cities or amidst the pressures of modern life.

If you worry that you’ll become bored or spend your trip just staring blankly into nothing, don’t reach out for Facetime or Tiktok yet. Get comfortable with silence and the lack of distractions. 

All the great things aside, you should also consider the disadvantages of traveling alone and minimize them as much as possible. For example, take personal safety more carefully, get travel insurance, and have someone around to chat or text if you get lonely. 

Happy travels!

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