5 worst airports in the world

Airports are among the busiest buildings in the world. Even though most passengers don’t spend that much time in them, the impression, whether good or bad, may last well past the trip itself. Efficiency, accuracy and ease of travel are the main parameters on which an airport’s quality can be judged. Fortunately, there are fewer terrible airports in the world than convenient ones. Today, for a change, we will take a look at the 5 worst airports in the world. Here’s our rating of the most notorious airports ever:

Stockholm Bromma Airport

Stockholm Bromma Airport
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Sweden is constantly ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, but Sweden’s Stockholm Bromma Airport is considered one of the worst airports in the world. It is congested and small and if there is even a bit of a rush in the airport, there are not even seats for everyone stuck inside. It comes in as number 5 in our list. 

Paris Orly Airport

You are not going to find any positive reviews for Paris Orly airport. Passengers often complain about this airport being unwelcoming, crowded and difficult to navigate. It comes in at number 4 on our list. 

Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport

Though the design of Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport is often admired by passengers, this is where the complements end and complaints begin. The major complaint about this airport is the lack of technology to properly process each passenger. There are often large lines at boarding, so the management clearly requires improvement. It comes at number 3 in our list.

London Stansted Airport 

London Stansted Airport comes in a number 2 on our list of worst airports. Travelers complain about long check-in lines, and the hub is also notorious for the difficulty of finding your luggage after landing. The whole Stansted Airport system is plagued with mismanagement. 

Kuwait Airport

Coming in at number 1 in our list of worst airports in the world is Kuwait Airport. Apart from being crowded and disorganized, it’s infamous for overcrowding, unhelpful staff, poor facility hygiene and maintenance.

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