9 easy ways how to take part in charities without giving cash

People think that financial donations and giving money directly is the only thing they can do to support the charities and make the world better.

Even if you’re on a tight budget or even broke and don’t have extra cash – no worries, there are still ways for your precious input to the non-profit organizations.

Check out the ways down below.

1. Use your social network to speak out!

Speaking to your friends and friends of friends can be quite a powerful asset. Social media is a media so why not use it? Share, educate, inspire! Never be shy to ask your friends and subscribers to distribute the information so that more and more people could learn about the importance of taking rescue dogs or switching to reusable everyday utensils instead of taking plastic bags at every grocery shopping.

2. Use your birthday for fundraising

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So many social media sites have the function of collecting money for some charities. Create an event and ask your friends to donate to a certain organization. Some people go as far as asking their wedding reception guests to donate to the charities instead of spending their money for wedding gifts or honeymoon input.

3. Donate supplies or gently used items

Your kids grow fast and if you do not resell their clothes and shoes, you may donate those. Organizations like Salvation Army operate worldwide (Africa, Asia, Northern and Southern America), and also consider local organizations that will gladly accept your donations like school supplies, sports goods and even non-perishable foods.

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4. Volunteer your time

Animal rescue centers will greatly appreciate your help in cleaning and taking care of their furry inhabitants. Plus, taking care of those cute puppies may be a good idea for your children’s chores. Never a punishment though!

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5. Leave a donation in your will

Yep, sad but true and socially responsible. If you don’t spend this money in your lifespan, let it serve some noble purposes for other creatures. You’ll rest in more peace.

6. Buy the merch

If for some reason you do not wish to give direct financial donations you may still purchase some merch from these organizations: T-shirts, tote bags, keychains etc. you still donate and get some stuff. 

7. Shop online with charitable platforms

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Many websites and apps offer users opportunities to raise money for charities by using their platform. For example, AmazonSmile will donate a percentage of your purchase to the charity of your choice.

8. Take part in a charity run

Cardio workout + charity + a reward? Yes, ma’am I want it! Completing a charity run is a great social event which can make you feel great while helping a cause close to your heart.

9. Sell or donate your unwanted gifts

If you receive unwanted presents, why not spend some time selling them on eBay, Amazon or at your local platform and donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice.

So easy, so effortlessly, so gracefully  and so cash-lessly you may take a great input in charities. Good job!

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