6 signs that remote work does not suit you

Remote work has become a standard nowadays, with 72% of the people claiming that they prefer a hybrid working system and 13% saying they would only work from home, given the opportunity. However, there are some people that prefer to stay in the office, simply because remote work does not fit them. 

If you are considering whether you should go remote or not, here are some signs that suggest you shouldn’t go down this path.

You like to socialize

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If you are a people person, then remote work may not be for you. As someone working from home, not only will you not socialize with any colleagues, but you may also not be able to leave your home for days. If you live in a remote area of your city, you may not even want to bother going out and commuting for one hour, just to grab 30 minutes of socializing. Remote working can lead to loneliness, especially if you live alone.

You’re no tech expert

When you work in an office, you are surrounded by various people – among which are the guys from the tech team. If there is a problem, they will help you solve it. However, if you are working from home, then the only one that can solve your tech problems is you – which can be rather awkward if you cannot find your way around a computer. If you constantly stumble with technology, then remote work may not be for you. 

You lack self-motivation

As a remote worker, you may or may not be on your own schedule. If you have a strict daily schedule, the deadlines will probably be enough to drive the fear of being late. However, if you get your projects monthly, it can be very tricky to find your self-motivation – especially if you procrastinate a lot at home. If this is you, then remote work may not be a good fit.

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You are easily distracted

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When you are working remotely, you are in a leisure-prone environment. If you don’t live alone, you may get distracted by your pet, kids, spouse, or neighbors “casually forgetting” that you are on the clock. Even if there isn’t anyone around to distract you, you do it to yourself by going on social media or engaging in other activities. If you can’t keep yourself focused, then remote work may not be a good fit.

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You’re not good at communicating

If you already have poor communication skills in an office, it is going to be 10 times worse when you work remotely. Sure, you have videos, email, and phone calls, but it doesn’t compare with actual face-to-face communication. A lot of the meaning can be lost if all the communication is done online. If you generally have a communication problem, then remote work may not be a good fit for you.

You don’t have the resources

When you’re working remotely, you will no longer have an employer offering you their resources. You’ll have to create your own workspace, work with your own gear and make sure that the Internet and other needs are functioning properly. Many companies offer work laptops, but depending on your location, they may not be able to provide them. If you can’t be sure you can cover all your resources at all times, remote work may not be for you.

The bottom line

Not everyone is fit for remote work, and while some may thrive in this environment, some may find it very challenging. If you noticed the signs above on yourself, then you might want to reconsider your “going remote” plan.

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