5 retirement hobbies to earn money

Retirement doesn`t mean that only the funds you accumulated before that and monthly preferential payments remain at your disposal. There are currently quite a few retirement hobbies that make money — for example, creating craft items, beekeeping, photo services, pet care or translation. Let’s discuss each of the possibilities in more detail.

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Craft & art

Retirement is a great time to put your artistic talents to work. The abundance of free time will allow you to devote yourself to the creation of a wide variety of decorative items and sell them. What is in demand right now?

  • craft soap with themed designs;
  • craft candles with aromatization;
  • wooden items (photo frames, figurines, etc.);
  • epoxy resin products;
  • knitted toys and so on.

The list is even longer, but we have listed only the most popular options for crafting as one of the ways to make money in retirement.


Setting up homemade honey products is another popular way of how can a retiree make money. Of course, you will have to spend time and money on arranging the location in the backyard, buying bees and special equipment, and, of course, learning about this rare hobby. However, later on, you’d be able to sell your products at a farmers’ market or in grocery stores with a permit. This is the perfect choice for those who love farming but don’t want to dig into the ground.


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Developing yourself as an amateur photographer can also be considered an answer to the question of how to make money in retirement. Choose the direction that you are interested in (for example, shooting weddings, school photosets, shooting animals or something else), study the materials and try your hand!

Fun fact: many people dream of traveling extensively after they retire, so you can combine vacation and photo services: become a travel photographer!

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Pet care

All of the above methods require significant or at least minimal investment. Let’s look at other ways of how to make money after retirement that do not require any financial input. The first of these is caring for animals while the owners are away. 

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This is a rather popular service, because according to statistics for 2020 (APPA), 67% of families have a pet. However, not every family has relatives or close enough friends who are ready to take care of their animals during a couple of weeks of vacation. On the other hand, make sure you’re prepared to take pets into your home for foster care, as some families are unlikely to be willing to give house keys to a stranger.

Translation & writing services

The second method of how to make income in retirement without additional investment in equipment is to use your literacy or skills in knowing other languages. Thanks to the development of freelance work, now literally everyone can try themselves as a copywriter, rewriter or translator, because online agencies regularly recruit staff. They don’t care about your age; the main thing is your skills. So, google popular freelance platforms for jobs like copywriter or translator. There will be a lot of vacancies available!

Of course, these are just examples of popular hobbies that will keep you busy after retirement. Everyone has many more opportunities: you can get certified as a fitness trainer if sports are your life, you can clean other people’s houses if you like cleanliness, or even hit professional gaming if you have a love for and knowledge of a specific game and are ready to try to make money on this.

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