10 best jokes about traders

The longest consistent laughter was 3 hours and 47 minutes—the world record was broken by Rajendra Kumar in 2022. It’s unlikely that these ten jokes will make you laugh as hard. But why not let off some steam anyway?

Indicators add clarity to your chart analysis

Some traders think that indicators will solve all their problems and give them all the answers. Their thought process is not entirely wrong; they just go overboard. And with time, the chart starts looking like a Jackson Pollock painting. 

Why was the stock trader electrocuted?

He shorted Tesla.

6 external activities that will increase your trading skills

Do you remember the time when seemingly all traders decided to short Tesla? Well, that was a wild ride. Tesla short-sellers garnered $6 billion in mark-to-market losses, and columnist Christine Idzelis called it “the longest unprofitable short I’ve ever seen.”

The infamous title of “most shorted stock” now belongs to Apple’s stock.

Could you lend me a tenner, please?

$9.42? What do you need $11.63 for?

The stock market, the currency market, the crypto market – anywhere you look, there is volatility. You can’t escape it, but you can accept its inevitability, set up safety measures, and have a laugh watching the changes in your portfolio. Don’t be surprised to see a different value every time you check it. 

10 signs that you will be successful as a trader
Many traders have certain natural traits that make them successful. Others need to work on them. Find out which ones you have!
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The market may be bad, but I slept like a baby last night

I woke up every hour and cried.

When the market is incredibly unkind, you can’t help but feel emotional. Any career will sometimes make you feel anxious, scared, or frustrated. Just try to manage your emotions in a healthy way that doesn’t jeopardize your trading success. 

Press Go and let the wheel choose your article of the day!

Snow is falling

When you spend too much time staring at the trading terminal, everything seems to link back to the market. If you find yourself obsessing about the market, take a pause. Something “falling” or “rising” doesn’t mean you have to open a position.

I’ve put all my money in see-saw stocks

To be honest, they’ve had their ups and downs.

6 things people who are good with money never buy

What about investing in rollercoaster stocks? Waves, flights, human spirit? Many things go up and down, but hardly anything compares to the thrills and worries that come with ups and downs in financial markets. 

I recently started investing heavily in penny stocks

It just seemed to make a lot of cents.

Yes, investing well makes a good profit—a lot of cents, to say the least. Perhaps this is a sign that you should consider investing in penny stocks with the best value and fastest growth. If the idea doesn’t make a lot of sense, let’s just move on. 

What did they name Game of Thrones’ first stock exchange?


Maybe the prequel show will finally reveal the secrets of middle-age investing. Maybe fans will see the Wolf of Wall Street in shining armor. It’s very unlikely, but continue watching the show, just in case. 

I purchased $1,000 in Bose stock today

My accountant said it would be a sound investment.

For context, Bose is one of the leading brands in audio and produces earbuds, headphones, speakers, and sound bars. If the company was publicly traded, it could be a good investment. 

I sold all my Nike stock this afternoon

It was a good run.

If your analysis tells you to stop holding onto an underperforming stock or the one that is lagging behind the market, just do it. There will be plenty of other opportunities to buy and hold.

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