7 museums with the best digital collections – 2022 overview

Thanks to massive museum digitization, which happened as an inspiration from the COVID-19 lockdown, more and more artworks are now being moved to the virtual space where they can be accessed freely.

Suppose you have always dreamed of a worthy alternative to visiting one of the world’s largest art collections to get awestruck by the beautiful masterpieces of painters like Michelangelo. In that case, this article will point you in the right direction to 7 of the most amazing virtual museums.

Louvre, Paris

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Although initially hesitant about becoming a part of the digitization which happened to galleries across the globe, Louvre has now become a leading digital museum of fine works of art. Even though this museum doesn’t yet offer a virtual tour for enthusiasts, they have put up every one of their collections online. This is far more than 480,000 artwork.

The good thing about Louvre is that they carry out a daily update of their collection. This digitization has enabled users To view exceptional works of art from anywhere on their new platform. Until you can travel down to France, you can always explore this virtual museum by filtering artworks based on their category in 4D.

Image credits: the Louvre official website

The National Gallery, London

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If you didn’t catch up with the thrilling Titan exhibition, which centers on desire, love, and death after the reopening of the National Gallery during the first phase of the COVID-19 lockdown, you have another chance to catch up with the event. This National Gallery offers virtual access to the fantastic works of the Italian painter.

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In addition to gaining access to virtual works of art, you also get video highlights from the British collection with a daily tour that walks you through each item in the collection.

Image credits: the National Gallery official website

Frida Khalo Museum, Mexico

Official website  

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Good thing the eventful life of Frida Khalo was duly documented with attention to details like her eyebrows. In keeping details about Khalo, her colorful work of art was also kept intact, from printing clothing designs to portraits of herself.

There’s no better way to view these Mexican beauties than for you to travel to the house where she spent a large part of her life and have a tour around the Blue House. Exploring Frida Khalo’s home and garden is also possible online, making the virtual experience more immersive.

Photo by Matthias Bethke on Wikimedia Commons
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NASA, Washington DC

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Is it pretty easy to get fascinated by space travel and all that NASA stands to represent, right? How about having an experience that is the same as traveling to Washington DC, giving you a sneak peek into how the United States government that manages NASA operates.

On the official website of this virtual museum, you have access to mind-blowing footage of test-firing rocket launches and some space missions.

Photo by Hubble Traveling Exhibit on Flickr

Sistine Chapel, Rome

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Maybe you have always had the intention to someday visit Rome to marvel at the brilliant Sistine Chapel masterpiece of Michelangelo. Rather than hunch behind your PC, watching a watered-down version from the media, you can teleport yourself to the Sistine Chapel and have a close-up view of what you’ve always wanted to see.

You can access the Pope’s Rome residence and tour around Vatican City on some fantastic virtual experiences.

Photo by Antoine Taveneaux on Wikimedia Commons

The Vasa Museum, Stockholm

Official website

One of the most striking sights to behold is the Behemoth Vasa ship which is seen when making your entrance into this museum in reality. This 

With the help of an audio guide, realistic backdrops, and close-up photographs of events surrounding the ship’s sinking in 1628, you can walk your way around one of the most preserved examples of the 17th-century ship.

Photo by Hugh Llewelyn on Flickr

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

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The Uffizi Gallery is home to several great artworks. You can always look up some of these paintings or preferably take a virtual tour through some part of the museum. This museum has a stunning selection of virtual tour guide that saves you from queuing for long hours to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation or brilliant works of art like “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli.

Image credit: the Uffizi Gallery official website

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That’s it! Our list of top 7 museums with virtual art collections. Thanks to digitization, individuals can now digitally access incredible paintings, crafts, and sculptures. You can explore so many museums from the comfort of your home and with the help of a digital guide. You can now wave bye to the days of waiting in a long queue to set your eyes on age-long art.

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