7 beautiful places that can only be reached by water

There are some beautiful destinations in the world that can only be reached by water. Many of these stunning wonders often remain hidden from tourists, but today we are going to change that. In this article, we will share the list of 7 most beautiful places that are only accessible by water. When planning your next trip, keep these destinations in mind and have a great time. Let’s explore these places and see if any of them catches your eye

Sa Dragonera Nature Reserve – Mallorca, Spain 

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This dragon-shaped island is nothing less than a natural treasure. It is only accessible on a boat, and once you have landed on the island, you have many options such as going on a hiking trail or an array of diving opportunities. Don’t forget to visit this charming place the next time you go to Spain. 

Church of Our Lady of the Rocks – Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Остров Госпа-од-Шкрпьела (Богородица на Рифе): как добраться, фото — Блог  Сел и Поехал

The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks is located on the Gospa od Škrpjela island in the Bay of Kotor near the city of Perast. This object is always included in sea excursions route by ferry, because it is an open-air museum, showing guests magnificent examples of baroque architecture against the backdrop of natural scenery. The legend says that once at this place in the sea, travelers fished out a miraculous icon from the water. Later many ships sank around the reef and local authorities issues a law claiming that every person passing by the reef must throw a stone here — this is how an island appeared, where a church was later erected.

Navagio Bay – Zakynthos, Greece

Among the many beautiful things that Greece has to offer, Navagio Bay will certainly stack at the top. This beauty is secluded from the mainland, and thus is only accessible via water. With beautiful blue waters and white sand, this bay with azure waters can never be a bad choice for a day trip. 

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Akhtamar Island – Turkey

АХТАМАР – остров любви | СОБЕСЕДНИК АРМЕНИИ | Яндекс Дзен
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This island is one of four islands on Van Lake. The main attraction of this checkpoint for tourists is the amazing Cathedral Church of the Holy Cross. Up to our times, a mass of frescoes on the inner wall and partly on the domes, dating back to the tenth century, has been preserved. The island is also notable for the ruins of an ancient port of the same time period.

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According to legend, the name of the island comes from the name of the Armenian princess Tamar that loved a guy of the commoners. He swam to island every night, until the father of a noble lady found out about this and put out all the lamps on the shore, forcing the young man to get lost and drown.

Lover’s Island – Galešnjak, Croatia

If you look at the above picture for a second, you can easily guess why this island is named Lover’s Island. This small and secluded island in Croatia is a perfect retreat for peace seekers. If you are looking for a tranquil place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you cannot go wrong with Lover’s Island. 

Cala Luna – Sardinia, Italy

Resembling and also named after a crescent moon, Cala Luna is a beautiful bay of striking rock formations and caves on the eastern coast of Sardinia. Golden sands, turquoise waters and dramatic scenery make this a destination that you cannot easily forget. This gorgeous island was once secluded and hidden from the world, but today it gets a lot of visitors in the summer season and continues to garner praise and awe.

Skellig Michael – Ireland

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It’s not only the Mediterranean that has all of the charming (boat-friendly) destinations. Further north, off the southeast coast of Ireland, lies the island of Skellig Michael. The rocky island became iconic after appearing in the film “Star Wars Episode VII: The Awakening of Power”, in which it is Luke Skywalker’s hiding place. Since this film, as you might imagine, tourism to this island has increased substantially.

Even with calm weather conditions, it’s not entirely safe to moor there, so traveling options to the island are limited. However, whoever decides to embark on the adventure to Skellig Michael will be rewarded with the extraordinary raw beauty of the island. Traveling through you will pass the smaller island, aptly named Little Skellig, and depending on the season, puffins!

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