World Trading Cup: Back in time

Don’t miss the brightest trading event of the year!

Finally! The Big Adventure is already beginning! 

Binomo is happy to announce the main event of the year in the world of trading — the World Trading Cup: Back in time, which will take place on the fantastic Infinity ship.

Just imagine! Someone disrupted the passage of time, and trading disappeared from world history. This set humanity back thousands of years. Only WTC participants can restore justice by trading and traveling through those eras.

Now the world of trading is becoming a special world where nothing is impossible. WTC: Back in time is an opportunity for traders of all levels to experience excitement at every stage of the competition! 

Dates of the WTC: 05.12.2022 — 30.12.2022  

Registration opens on November 28

Trading with up to 90% profit
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Just look what awaits you in your adventure:

  • $300,000 of the prize fund
  • 1,270 prizes
  • A gift for each participant when registering for the event — a unique book on FTT trading “Binomo Trader’s Guide’’
  • 170 prizes in unconditional weekly raffles 
  • Grand Prize: BMW 3 Series*


* The main prize is the monetary equivalent of this or comparable car

$70 000, the price of a new car, is deposited to the winner’s real account

How WTC will be held

The WTC: Back in time 2 missions:


The participants of the Cup pass to the finals automatically based on the results of the Competitions. 

Start from $10, earn to $1000
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Note! There will be two finals in total: 

  • for the TOP-100 participants of the 50 Daily mechanics competition
  • for the TOP-20 in at least one of the 3 sprints participants of the Sprints mechanics competition*


*Traders will compete for the Grand Prize only in the Sprints mechanics final.

Full Rules of the WTC: Back in time

Weekly raffles

Every Monday, starting from December 12, a raffle of valuable prizes will be held among all the participants of WTC 2022 using a random number generator.

You can win a prize only 1 time during the entire period of the Cup, but take part in each raffle.

Note! To take part in the raffles you should make at least one trade on a real account and be registered in at least one of the mechanics of the Cup.

Raffles’ dates: 

12.12.2022 (To participate, you need to register and make at least 1 trade on a real account from December 5 to December 11, 2022)

19.12.2022  (To participate, you need to register and make at least 1 trade on a real account from December 12 to December 18, 2022)

26.12.2022  (To participate, you need to register and make at least 1 trade on a real account from December 19 to December 25, 2022)

Take part in your real trading Adventure!


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