5 brand new sports that you can start doing right now

The oldest sport in the world is wrestling. There are records about wrestling from the 800 to 1200 BC period, and the sport was even included in the original set of Olympics.

Facts about the newest sport are not as clear. Technically, you could combine elements from any two or three types of sports or put a new spin on the original rules and come up with a creative name. These are five examples of new sports that you most likely have never heard of – but you can try them now if you want to.

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Earthing is similar to biathlon as it combines two disciplines – running and swimming. The difference is that it’s a power sprinting sport over 110 meters, not an endurance event. The idea to create earthing came out of curiosity – determining the fastest human on Earth through water as well as over land.

The event features a 60-meter running track and a 50-meter pool. After running the track, contestants transition into the pool, where there is no specific style of swimming required.


Tri-Ball is a twist on regular volleyball, also played on grass or sand and with three contacts allowed per team. Here is where the differences come in: the game is played on a circular court and features three nets stretched from one center pole. Three teams of three players are split between three uniform sections and can hit one ball over any net at any time. 

It’s quicker and more exciting because it was designed for higher scores.


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Hantis is a more dynamic version of table tennis and requires four tables (one player per table) with lanes in-between and one ball. The person at the table beside you will be your teammate, and either of you needs to strike the ball at one of the opposing tables. Players use the palms of their hands as paddles.

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Despite being a new sport, Hantis has become a brand with custom tables, shirts, and balls available online for purchase. 

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The rules of Yakball are simple: players need to bounce the ball into the target on the wall. There are two teams with four players each. The center deflects shots into the target, the enforcer plays the offense, the left wing and the right wing try to get open shots and pass them to the enforcer. 

The best thing about Yakball is that it can be played in any small field with a wall or high fencing.


Speed golf is also known as fitness golf, fast golf, extreme golf, and hit-and-run golf, which hints at what it involves. Players have unlimited strokes, but they need to complete the round in less time than the opponents. Other rules and etiquette are the same as regular golf.

Why you should pick up a new sport

If these sports are not to your taste, consider learning a new sport anyway. They may not be “brand new”, but they will be new to you personally. It’ll get you up from the couch and offer a number of physical, mental, and social benefits: 

  • Physical benefits: maintaining a healthy lifestyle, improving strength and physique, preventing illnesses
  • Mental benefits: achieving personal bests, raising self-esteem
  • Social benefits: meeting new people, developing communication skills, building friendships

In conclusion, strongly consider spending your recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity on a new sport.

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