Turkish artist Tuğba Yurt is launching a big dancing challenge with ”Binomo Benim O” song

Beautiful Turkish singer Tuğba Yurt with the support of Binomo is launching  the big dancing challenge on TikTok. 

The rules are simple:

  1. Listen to Tuğba Yurt’s Binomo Benim O  song  on TikTok — a brand new cover of her “Benim O” hit. The song was released in 2021 and has been listened to millions of times.
  2. Make an unforgettable video of you dancing to her song. Dance, like you become the richest person in the world!
  3. Upload the video on TikTok using ”Binomo Benim O” song and good luck!

The best dancers will get the rewards! 15 winners will grab 2 tickets each to one of Tuğba Yurt concerts (30 tickets in total). One of these winners will have an opportunity to meet a famous singer face to face.

Also, five of the best videos will appear on Tuğba Yurt’s YouTube channel. 

The challenge lasts from 4 to 30 November. 

For more details, visit our TikTok.

@tugbayurt Dünyanın en zengini senmişsin gibi dans et! En iyi videoları seçip paylaşacağım! Dahası için @binomoturkiye ♬ Binomo Benim O – Tuğba Yurt


Binomo, a trading platform with approximately 1 million active users from more than 130 countries around the world, continues to bring a different rhythm to the financial sector with its collaborations with popular singers.

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