Top 25 jobs with the highest salary in the world

Apart from passion when choosing a career, one of the most important things to consider is the wage paid for the selected occupation. In this article, we will tell you about the 25 best jobs with a high salary.

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The methodology used

The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) provides information regarding salaries for various occupations. The BLS is 90% accurate because it calculates the values based on the employee’s mean or average salary using the annual report, wage estimates for occupation, and National Occupation Employment. It does not use median, which signifies the salary that an employee is paid per year for a specific role. Below is a list of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

1. Anesthesiologists

An anesthesiologist is a type of doctor specializing in giving patients medication that will numb their bodies so that they will not feel pain during and after surgery. Apart from administering these medications, they also provide pain management advice, handle emergencies, and perform other tasks in critical care units. Hence, they may end up not having specific or defined working hours.

An education requirement

A medical license is one of the requirements for all anesthesiologists in the United States. Below are the steps to getting one.

  1. Complete an undergraduate degree in liberal arts, then take a Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).
  2. Passing the MCAT qualifies you to join a medical school that takes four years.
  3. Undertake the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE), which qualify you to take a medical license.
  4. Undertake a four years residency program in anesthesiology, with the first years focusing on different hospital rotations and last year specifically on anesthesiology.
  5. Apply to be considered for a state license in a state you will practice.
  6. Become a board-certified anesthesiologist after passing the American Board of Anesthesiologist examination.

Salary information and job outlook

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The average annual salary for this occupation is about $330,000 or 129.61 dollars per hour as per BLS, which signifies the highest salary in the world per month. Those in specialties needing longer hours, e.g., cardiac surgeries, get higher salaries. 

By 2030, the employment rate in this occupation would have increased by about 8%. It is due to the increased population requiring more medical attention.

2. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the specialties that deal with diagnosing and treating sicknesses or diseases that affect the facial regions, including the neck, jaws, and mouth.

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These surgeons deal with extensive issues like neck cancer, facial injuries, jaw tumors, and mouth ulcers, among other problems and infections in these regions. The main aim of these procedures is to reduce or relieve pain and improve jaw function.

Education requirements

To qualify as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, you must undergo these education steps:

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Complete dental school for four years.
  3. Undertake between four to six years of the residency program.
  4. Obtain state licensure and permit after fulfilling the above requirements. 

Suppose you want to be certified by the US Board of Oral and Maxillofacial. In that case, you can undertake a two-part exam with benefits, including good salaries after getting employment.

Salary information and job outlook

Specialties in this career earn an average of $311,000 annually in the United States. According to BLS, employment in this job category is expected to increase by at least 7.8% by 2030.

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3. Obstetricians-gynecologists

Obstetricians specialize in pregnancy and related health issues, whereas gynecologists specialize in reproductive health in general. These two categories of medical experts collaborate frequently. 

Under the OB/GYN moniker, these doctors may occasionally be certified in both obstetrics and gynecology. Doctors who hold both certifications handle everything from general reproductive health to childbirth.

An education requirement

To qualify to be an OB-GYN, you have to graduate from a medical school, then complete:

  1. An examination for the American Board of Internal Medicine certification.
  2. A four- or five-year residency program where you focus on obstetrics and gynecology.
  3. Undertake an examination to become certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Salary information and job prospects

The average salary for an OB-GYN is approximately 296,200 dollars per year, per the BLS report.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York, Texas, California, Florida, and New Jersey had the highest concentration of OB-GYNs working there in 2020. Therefore, between then and 2030, there will be a probable 3% increase in the number of open posts for these physicians. 

4. Surgeons

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A surgeon is a medical professional focusing on diagnosing and treating illnesses that may call for surgery or other physical alterations to the human body. Surgery can be used to identify a condition or treat an injury. Surgeons also oversee a group of other medical professionals and nurses in the operating room to ensure an operation goes without a hitch.

Surgeons may have many long working hours, though their specialties always determine the period.  Those specializing in and working in areas such as trauma may be needed to work more hours compared to those performing elective surgeries whose working times are predictable.

An education requirement

To become a surgeon, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a four-year degree.
  2. Take an MCAT, then apply for medical school after passing the test.
  3. Finish medical school for four years.
  4. Go through a residency program for about five years.
  5. Undertake a national licensing exam, then apply for a state license after passing the exam.
  6. Apply for board certification from the American Board of Surgery and be a fully qualified surgeon.

Salary information and job prospects

Being a surgeon is landing yourself in one of the best and highest salary jobs in the world, especially due to the complexity of the career in terms of education and non-flexible working hours.

Averagely, this career pays $294 500 per year, according to BLS, and by 2030, this employment is expected to grow by about 3%.

5. Orthodontists

An orthodontist is a dentist with special training in identifying, avoiding and treating issues with the teeth and jaw. They fix existing ailments and are educated to identify problems that may occur in the future. They treat patients of various ages, from infants to seniors.

Education requirements

It takes quite a while to become an orthodontist. You will need approximately 11 years to be a fully certified one. These are the steps to go through:

  1. Go through an undergraduate program to acquire a degree.
  2. Undertake a Dental Admission Test, then apply for dental school after passing the test.
  3. Complete four years in dental school.
  4. Undertake a residency program for 2 or 3 years. 
  5. Complete and pass the National Board Dental Examination.
  6. Acquire a permit to practice orthodontics as an area of expertise, which may necessitate the completion of a special state exam.

Salary information and job prospects

Though it takes a while to work entirely as an orthodontist, the salaries are satisfying, with an average annual wage of $267,279 per BLS.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 8.1 percent increase in employment for orthodontists by 2030. During that time, an estimated 500 jobs should become available.

6. Physicians

Physicians can be grouped into different categories depending on what they specialize in. A few of them include dermatologists – who deal with skin issues; oncologists – who deal with cancer patients; pathologists, who study body tissues to check for abnormalities; ophthalmologists handling patients with eye problems; and radiologists.

An education requirement

You will first need a bachelor’s degree and then go through medical school to become a medical doctor. You will then need to finish a residency program, then, if need be, go through fellowship training to become a qualified physician.

Salary and job prospects

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Physicians earn excellent salaries of an average of $255,110 annually. It is considered among the richest jobs in the world. The employment rate in this cadre is also expected to rise by 5% by the time we are in 2030.

7. Psychiatrists

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in psychiatry – a branch of medicine concerned with the assessment, prevention, research, and treatment of mental illnesses. As medical professionals, psychiatrists assess patients to determine if their symptoms are due to a physical illness, a mix of physical and mental diseases, or only mental problems.

Psychiatrists work in various environments, including prisons, private hospitals, schools, or rehabilitation programs.

Education requirements

To be a qualified psychiatrist, you may need to undergo a great deal in school and more:

  1. After completing the high school program, you must undertake a four-year degree course.
  2. Finish medical school for four years.
  3. Undertake a residency program that goes for four years.
  4. You will then need to apply for psychiatrist licensure and obtain certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, qualifying you to work as a psychiatrist.
  5. If you wish to add to your credentials, you can also undertake other certifications to help you specialize in the area of your choice.

Salary information and job prospects

The average yearly salary for a psychiatrist in the US is approximately $249 700. According to BLS, this job category will likely be on the rise by 2030, which will mark around a 13% increase in employment compared to 2020.

8. Internal medicine physicians

Internal Medicine Physicians specialize in assessment, compassionate care, and treatment of health issues and illnesses in adults by applying clinical expertise and scientific knowledge.

They receive specialized training in the identification of confounding medical conditions, the ongoing management of chronic illnesses, and the treatment of patients who are suffering from many diseases. They are also called internists.

An education requirement

You will need to:

  1. Complete a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Go through medical school after getting the minimum score from Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).
  3. Undertake a residency program for around 3 or 4 years.
  4. Get an Internal Medicine Physicians license after passing the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE).
  5. You can also become board certified after completing the board exam if you wish to be a qualified professional and have an edge in the market.

Salary information and job prospects

A qualified therapist earns an average salary of $242,189 per year. The BLS predicts a 1% decline in employment in this area by 2030.

9. Family medicine physicians

These doctors assess, treat, and offer preventive care to families or individuals throughout their lifespan. They will often refer their patients to further their treatment to the necessary specialties if need be.

Patients will seek these medical practitioners for issues like respiratory infections, sinuses, diabetes, and asthma, among other ailments. Some prefer dealing with children, while others specialize with adults only. Those that deal with all ages are often called family physicians or doctors.

An education requirement

  1. Complete four years in medical school.
  2. Undertake a three-year residency program.
  3. You can then undertake an exam that qualifies you to become board certified.

Salary range and job prospects

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A family medicine physician earns an average of 235,900 annually in the US. Due to the increased number of diseases, the BLS predicts a 5% increase in employment in this job cadre by 2030.

10. Chief executives

Chief executives feature among the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world though it does not fall in the medical cadre. A chief executive in any organization ranks highest and makes the most critical decisions that affect the company. The CEO also steers the incorporation of new products or services and is the primary interface with the board of directors.

Education qualification

This job does not have specific education criteria. However, studies show that at least 50% of CEOs have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. If one has a different undergraduate degree, one could undertake a master’s degree in business administration.

For instance, a CEO in a tech field can obtain an undergraduate degree in engineering or computer science. So, what matters most is your ability to manage and provide quick solutions to problems.

Salary and job prospects

The average salary for a CEO is $213,000 per year, and employment positions are likely to increase by 8% by 2030.

11. Nurse anesthetists

Nursing is a general term though some specialize in anesthetists. This specialty administers anesthetics to patients requiring surgery and is also available to provide care before, during, and after the process.

They work in various settings, including obstetrical delivery rooms, surgical suites in hospitals or surgical centers in ambulances, and other areas requiring pain management services.

Education requirements

Going through this career is not as cumbersome as becoming an anesthesiologist. Nurse anesthetists spend fewer years compared to these other physicians.

To become a nurse anesthetist you need to do the following:

  1. After completing a medical degree, one has to undertake a master’s degree in an accredited program, which may take two to four years.
  2. Complete a fellowship program; this may be necessary if you specialize in an area.
  3. Become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNAs) after completing a year of experience in a critical-care setting.

Salary information and job prospects

Nursing as a career pays well, though not as compared to nurse anesthetists. The BLS report states that average, this career earns over $202,450 per year. It is also one of the most wanted opportunities, hence likely to grow by approximately 45% by 2030.

12. Pediatricians

Pediatricians are physicians that specialize in diagnosing and offering treatments to children. They also do check-ups, administer immunization and provide care to these young ones while referring them to more specialized personalities in case of complex issues.

Education requirements

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Apart from the necessary educational qualifications, this career needs great interpersonal skills, empathy, and excellent critical thinking, because of the kind and number of people they deal with. 

The education requirements include:

  1. Go through medical school.
  2. Undertake a residency program to get the necessary skills in a clinical environment.
  3. Obtain a practicing license after passing the licensing exam.

You can also apply for board certification if you wish to boost your career in the job market. 

Salary and job prospects

Though pediatricians earn less than internists and other physicians, they still rank in the top-most paid jobs in the world, with an average salary of around $198,400 per year. The US has over 30,000 pediatricians though the BLS predicts a fall in employment by about 2% as we head to 2030.

13. Airline pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers

Being an airline pilot or working in any position in the aviation industry can be quite time-consuming and may need a lot of sacrifice in terms of having time with family. However, we cannot ignore that the sacrifice is compensated with a good amount of income, especially for the above three groups.

A pilot owns more experience compared to the other two. The pilot’s duties include general operation of the aircraft, filing flight plans, maintenance checks, and ensuring the plane is ready for departure. The co-pilot comes second and ensures the cockpit and the aircraft are in good condition, assists the captain in completing departures or landings, and maintains navigation records and events during a flight.

Flight engineers oversee fuel use, regulate pressure in the cabin, effectively communicate with dispatchers, and offer general assistance to the captain. However, a lot of automation has happened in aircraft, and their services are somehow diminishing.

Education requirements

You need an undergraduate degree and an Airline Transport Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration to work in the aviation industry. 

Before becoming a pilot or a co-pilot, gaining experience as a commercial pilot and working in the cockpit is necessary. 

Salary and job outlook

This career is worth the time spent on it. The average salary per year is $ 198,190, and the number of employees is expected to rise by 14% by 2030.

14. Dentists (general)

The best thing about being a dentist is the flexibility the career offers and the salary pack, making it a more lucrative deal. The basic job these practitioners do is handling teeth-related x-rays, administering sealants or filling cavities, and removing damaged teeth.

An education requirement

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A dentist must be able to create rapport with patients and be attentive to details. To start working in this profession, you must also complete the following education:

  1. You should at least have an undergraduate degree in science, such as Biology, as major coursework.
  2. Take a Dental Admission Test to qualify for dental school admission. The dental school offers lessons in areas such as local anesthesia, radiology, periodontics, and anatomy.
  3. You will also need experience in a clinic where a practicing dentist will supervise you. 

Salary and job prospects

The average annual salary for a dentist is $167,160, and employment in this field is likely to rise by 8% by 2030.

15. Dentists (all other specialties)

Dentists can also specialize in different areas and still get fair compensation. These other specialists can include endodontists who deal with the inside of the teeth and periodontists who major with the outer part of the teeth.

An education requirement

To start working in this profession, you must also complete the following education:

  1. Complete a bachelor’s degree, which should include Biology and Chemistry coursework.
  2. Undertake and pass a Dental Admission Test, then enroll in a dental program.
  3. Get experience in your area of specialization for two or three years; then, you can be considered for suitable employment.

Salary and job prospects

The average salary for dentists specializing in specific areas is approximately $175,160 annually. BLS predicts a 5% rise in employment in this career by 2030.

16. Computer and information systems (IS) managers

Computer and IS managers organize, manage, and oversee computer-related operations within an organization. They assess an organization’s information technology (IT) requirements and collaborate with technical staff to implement computer systems that achieve those goals.

One will need lots of experience before becoming a manager because the IT section of an organization is susceptible. Generally, a chief technology officer will need over 15 years of experience before being entrusted with such a position in a company.

An education requirement

Most computer and IT managers have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related course. Progressing to the managerial role will require a master’s degree in Business administration, which takes two years. Other part-time courses such as programming are also necessary since they improve one’s skills as one continues working in the IT sector.

Salary and job prospects

This cadre’s annual salary is an average of $162,930, and employment is predicted to rise by 2030 by around 11%.

17. Architectural and engineering managers

These managers coordinate engineering or architectural projects’ technical aspects. Their duties include gathering client input, creating project specifications, determining whether the proposed work is feasible, and reviewing contracts.

These duties need a person with excellent planning and administrative skills.

Education requirements

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Most architectural and engineering managers will require a bachelor’s degree. However, the job’s technicality may determine the level of education. If the job is non-technical, an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in business administration may be relevant. For a technical field, a manager may need a master’s degree in engineering in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

Salary and job prospects

These managers get an annual salary of about $158,970, and the outlook in employment is likely to increase by 4% by 2030.

18. Natural sciences managers

Natural science managers supervise or oversee the work done by scientists in biology, chemistry, physics, and other science niches. Their primary responsibility is coordinating activities such as testing, quality control, and production, as well as overseeing research and development.

An education requirement

To qualify as a natural science manager, you will need a bachelor’s degree in a science field. However, due to the complexity of the job, you may need a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in a scientific field for you to be able to perform the activities at best.

Salary and job prospects

The salary for this job category is also mouth-watering hence topping the 25 highest paying jobs whereby earners get an average of $156,110 per year. The future for those in this career is bright, with a prospecting 6% increase in employment by 2030.

19. Financial managers

Any organization needs finances for it to thrive. These funds also need good management for their use to be felt and for the organization to run as it should. That is why it is essential for medium and large organizations to have financial managers who plan the firm’s investment activities, make financial reports after agreed periods and assist senior managers in making financial decisions that will not negatively affect the organization’s budget.

Education requirements

A bachelor’s or higher degree in finance, accounting, economics, and business administration is crucial to qualify as a finance manager. However, you may need some good years of experience in related jobs such as loan officer, financial analyst, etc.

Salary and job prospects

Finance managers get a salary of about $153,460 yearly. The overall employment of these managers is likely to increase by 17% by 2030.

20. Marketing managers

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With the increased number of products in the market, there is also an increasing urgency and need to sell them. These goods and services will not sell themselves but need creative persons with strong business acumen to push them to consumers. That is why marketing managers are essential when it comes to this role and rank among the best and most paid jobs in the world.

This docket needs research to understand the market and develop other creative ways to promote the goods and services.

An education requirement

The essential requirement for this role is a bachelor’s degree in business courses such as marketing, business management, economics, and statistics. If the job is highly competitive, you may need a master’s degree in any of the above fields.

Salary and job prospects

Marketing managers earn an average salary of $153,440 annually. Employment will likely increase by 10% by 2030, showing faster growth than the average economy.

21. Physicists

Physicists play an essential role in most projects. Some of the things they do include Investigating mechanisms, creating theories based on observations and experiments, and devising methods for applying physical laws and theories.

At times they may be stationed to work in one place, but most of the time, they can find themselves working in research labs.

An education requirement

For jobs in research and academia, physicists and astronomers typically need a Ph.D. However, federal government physicist jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree in physics.

Salary and job prospects

This job falls among the best paying in the world and earns an annual salary of $151,570. It is one of the jobs that is expected to be in need of more employees by 2030, with BLS projecting a rise of 8%.

22. Judges

Judges do a lot, including deciding the facts of the case and rendering a decision in bench trials. They also instruct juries prior to their deliberations and are also in charge of passing judgement on criminal defendants who have been found guilty.

Education requirements

You must pass through law school before becoming a judge. Most judges were also once lawyers who attained good practice before elevation. It may take up to 14 years before sitting on the bench.

Salary and job prospects

Judges get approximately $148,030 annual wages as per BLS. However, the predicted 3% employment growth in this cadre is quite slow but at least positive by 2030.

23. Podiatrists

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Probably your foot had an issue after an accident, and someone treated you, but you didn’t care to know who they were. These specialists that handle the lower leg, ankle, or foot are called podiatrists. 

You may find them in a health facility working alongside other practitioners, or they may also have their own offices that they operate privately.

An education requirement

To qualify as a podiatrist, you must complete a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree, which takes four years. You will then need to undertake a residency program in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, which takes three years. Training in specific areas like diabetic foot care or how to care for a podiatric wound may also be necessary. 

Salary and job prospects

Podiatrists earn an average annual salary of $145,840. However, the future for this job is not so bright because it does not predict many openings by 2030. There may probably be a 2% increase in employment, which will mean replacing those who will retire or transfer.

24. Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers’ primary objective is to design new ways to extract fossil fuels from existing wells and to create techniques for drawing oil and gas from fresh deposits beneath the Earth’s surface. Their duties typically include determining operational procedures, carrying out a cost-benefit analysis for a specific project, and analyzing survey or geographic data.

Education requirements

If you wish to be a petroleum engineer in the future and are still in high school, this can be a good opportunity to start digging deeper into mathematics and science course works. You will need a bachelor’s degree in geology, thermodynamics, or engineering for an entry-level job. 

The best thing about some universities is that they offer a five-year course combining a degree and a master’s program, which puts the graduate at a better employment edge. 

Salary and job outlook

These engineers earn a mean of $145,720 per year and have a promising increase in employment of at least 8% by 2030.

25. Prosthodontists

Prosthodontists are a type of dentist specializing in treating complex dental and facial issues, such as the restoration and artificial tooth replacement of missing or damaged teeth. They have extensive training in dentures, jaw disorders, crowns, bridges, and implants.

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Since many of them deal with cancer patients, it’s critical to comprehend surgical patients’ needs and how to deal with those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.

Education requirements

You will need to complete an undergraduate degree and then undertake a program in a dental school. You will then need to go through a residency program; then, you can acquire the American Board of prosthodontists certificate to be eligible to work in the states.

Salary and job prospects

Those in this career earn approximately $143,730 annually. Statistics show that those working as prosthodontists are only 700 in America, meaning that there are more rooms for those aspiring to work in this area to be employed. The prospect is an 8% growth in employment in this job category.

What is the highest-paying job in the world?

As per our list, we can say that the highest salary job in the world is an anesthesiologist who earns above $330,000. However, we cannot assume so since some CEOs make more than this amount annually.

How can I get a high-paying job?

Getting a high-paying job requires you to be good at what you do. Apart from the necessary skills, you will need the required academic qualifications. If you have an undergraduate degree, it would be best if you get a master’s degree or a Ph.D. to have the upper hand in your profession.

The Bottom line

Understanding which job has the highest salary in the world is vital so that you may know what is expected of you even as you eye these positions. It is also important when advising a young one on what career path to take. Hopefully, this list helps.

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