Henry Cooper

Financial Analyst and Trading Strategist

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London, UK


Henry Cooper holds a master's degree in economics and business from Temple University. He is also a CFP and a FINRA Series 7 license holder and a licensed life, casualty, and health insurance agent for the State of California.


Henry Cooper is a financial advisor who works with higher education organizations. He has extensive experience in creating budgets, debt repayment strategies, pre-tax contributions, spending tracking, and other non-retirement savings options. He has worked at top firms such as TD Ameritrade and Janney Montgomery Scott, where he was involved in fund management, brokerage, and RIA relations. Henry has experience as a consultant on investment, loans, taxes, and financial planning, which helps him write helpful articles.


His expertise is quite extensive: financial planning, insurance, student loans, taxes, trading, personal finance, investing, and debt.

Personal interests

Investments, Trading, Cryptocurrency and NFT, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies. Quora Profile

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