Top 10 places in the world to enjoy solitude

Sometimes solitude becomes a necessity. Modern day life is so fast-paced and stimulating that it becomes very easy to get overwhelmed. If you are looking for recommendations to enjoy solitude, here is the list of spots that we suggest you explore:

Mount Monadnock – New Hampshire

Filled with beautiful scenes and tranquility, the Marian trail at Mount Monadnock is a perfect destination for every solitude lover. You will not see a soul for many miles around, and it is one of the best places to reflect and recharge. Just let the silence sink in and be free! 

Thousand Islands – Jakarta, Indonesia

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Thousand Islands is one of the places that gives strong vibes of peace and solitude. The area is secluded, and you can occasionally encounter another human being – but only if you want. Visit Thousand Islands if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and to spend some time with yourself. 

Carl Schurz Park – Manhattan, New York

You can also experience solitude in one of the most fast-paced cities in the world. Carl Schurz park is a sanctuary situated along the East River, and after visiting the park you will be amazed with the quality of solitude that you can find here. 

The Pine Barrens – New Jersey

The Pine Barrens of New Jersey are perfect for getting some alone time with your thoughts. Engulfed with beautiful scenery and utter silence, you can have a very ecstatic experience. It is the perfect place to take a break from life and just be present in the moment. 

The Adirondacks – New York

One of the most picturesque places, especially in the fall, the Adirondacks of Northern New York is one of these places where you can contemplate your life and be one with nature. You will be amazed by the natural beauty offered by this place and wouldn’t be able to resist its charms.  

Dukh Niwaran Gurudwara – Punjab, India

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Gururdwara is a holy place where Sikhs pray, but you don’t need to be a religious person to visit the Dukh Niwaran Gurudwara in Punjab, India. In fact, many atheists travel to this gurudwara just to experience solitude and reflect on life. It is one of the places that has an amazing aura and charm. 

Grand Falls – Arizona

The anomaly of a tall waterfall in the middle of desert is a sight that can both stimulate and calm the mind at the same time. Located 30 miles outside Flagstaff on Navajo land, Grand Falls welcomes you to experience the natural beauty and just with yourself and your thoughts. It is one of the best places to experience solitude. 

Buzău Mountains – Romania

Let yourself get lost in the beautiful forests of the Bazau Mountains in Romania. It offers a breathtaking view far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and is considered a sanctuary for solitude seekers. The natural ecosystem is relatively untouched by modern human activity, which makes it a great place to find solace.  

Wattamolla Beach – Australia

Though Australian beaches are popular among tourists, and they are always bustling, Wattamolla Beach in Sydney is one of those places that are still untouched by human activity and thus a perfect spot for solitude seekers. 

The Island of Nevis – Caribbean

Being one of the best places to experience the natural beauty, The Island of Nevis has many myths attached to it, which makes it a very tempting place for solitude seekers and explorers. Its untouched natural beauty is truly a sight to behold.

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