7 most beautiful beaches in the world

Beaches became popular destinations in Europe in the mid-18th century. Since our planet is 70% covered in water and is home to thousands of beautiful beaches around the world, there’s quite a choice. On every continent there are places favored by tourists from all over the world. Some of them are well-known, and some are well-kept local secrets. Let’s take a look at some of the most wonderful places on Earth, which creates associations with the Garden of Eden, no less.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

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Fine as flour and crisp as snow, the white sand makes Whitehaven Beach a local Australian branch of paradise. Although the Whitsunday archipelago comprises 74 picturesque islands, only the largest of them boasts a dazzling white quartz beach.

There are national parks on the jewel island of Whitsunday, like on most others, so there are no hotels there and tourists come there with an excursion to go trekking, diving or have a picnic on the shore. By evening, the beach is empty, but if you don’t want to leave just yet, you can spend the night in a tent right under the stars.

Playa de Amor (Love Beach, or Hidden Beach), Marieta Island, Mexico

Mexico knows how to keep its secrets: the most beautiful beach is hidden right inside a huge rock on a desert island. The secret passage opens up at low tide: when the water recedes, you can get through a narrow tunnel on a kayak or swim to the snow-white sandy shore.

In a perfect beam of light falling through a round hole in the rock, the water off the coast of Mexico’s Love Beach shimmers with all shades of turquoise. Stone walls protect the secluded corner from the wind, so the waves here are quiet and the water is always clear.

Navajo bay, Zakynthos island (Zakynthos), Greece

It may seem that this rusty ship against the backdrop of high white cliffs is a prop for beautiful beach photos. But the ship is as real as the smugglers who once abandoned it in the bay, hiding from pursuit.

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The place was called Navajo, or ‘shipwreck’, but thousands of tourists come here every summer for something other than the story about these bandits. They are eager to see the minimalist landscape: small white pebbles on the shore, bright blue water and unconquerable cliffs. The best view is from above – no wonder the bay is popular with base jumpers.

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Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

It’s hard to figure out the color of the sand on the Harbor Island beach from the photographs – almost as difficult as solving the striped dress riddle. In some pictures it looks bright pink, in others – almost normal whitish brown. This is not a Photoshop trick or a play of light: when white sand is mixed with the smallest particles of coral and red shells, it acquires a delicate pastel hue. Where the waves roll on the shore, the color is brighter, and if you add a filter, the landscape looks out of this world.

You’ll have to pay $20 for a recliner and an umbrella at Pink Sand Beach, but the Bahamian sunsets over the ocean are worth it. In addition, you can take a very unusual souvenir – a bit of the red-speckled sand – for free.

Baia de las Aguilas, Dominican Republic

For those who think that there is nothing but big all-inclusive resorts and beaches pacekd with tourists along the Dominicana coastline, a visit to Baia de las Aguilas will be a big surprise. This beach is located in the province of Pedernales. It has no infrastructure to speak of. Deserted, wild and with clear warm sea.

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The place can only be reached by boat (for only a few dollars) or an SUV (provided the driver knows the area well), which allows it to remain quite untouched.

Kaihalulu Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Kaihalulu Beach, also known as Red Sand Beach, is concealed in the eastern part of the island of Maui. It takes just a short trip through volcanic landscapes and pine trees to reach this beautiful spot. It’s hot, the road is rocky and slippery, but that’s what keeps the beach secret and makes you appreciate it even more.

This oasis of red sand is the result of the erosion of iron-rich hills. The blue sea, exotic ferns and other bright green plants create a delightful landscape.

Matira beach, Bora Bora

The island is in the crossroads of the trade winds, blowing from tropical latitudes towards the equator and refreshing the heated air. The beach, covered with shining white sand inspires peace and serenity. But note – the shallow bottom makes it difficult to sail near the island on a yacht.

Scuba diving enthusiasts can enjoy themselves in the nearby lagoon. In addition, canoeing and kayaking along the coast is very popular. The seabed is dotted with corals, resembling an underwater garden with colorful tropical fish everywhere.

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