The 12 best-selling products in the world

The volume of global e-commerce sales has been growing steadily at record-high rates over the recent years. In 2020, the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce surged globally by 25.7%. The share of e-commerce in total consumer sales increased to 19.6% in 2020, and also continues to grow. 

What can we say – unless aliens land on Earth, we can hardly imagine that the convenience of e-commerce will no longer appeal to the consumer, and that this niche will no longer be as lucrative as it clearly is today. If you’re thinking of launching an e-commerce business, here are a few best-selling consumer products that may spark your interest. Some have been bestsellers for a while – like nail polish, which was invented around 3000 BC in China, and others, like wireless chargers are recent inventions, but all of these goods are selling like hot pies right now.

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Wireless chargers

This is all simple and clear – the more gadgets there are, the more power they need, the more chargers you need to buy. And wireless chargers are that much more convenient – there’s no defective cord that will stop powering up your smartphone or tablet at the most possible moment. They are also small and convenient to ship, so – bingo!

Pet products

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Once again, partly because of the quarantines, more and more people are getting themselves a pet. One thing all pets need is food and then there’s a range of goods from absolute requirements to lavish accessories. Feeders, beds, dog and cat collars, aquariums, bird cages, cat litter, grooming supplies, tasty treats… what, there’s even CBD for pets?

Reusable water bottles

Eco-friendly water bottles play into the popular sustainability and self-care trends, and are simply very convenient. There’s a huge variety on the market – cute or minimalist designs, every imaginable color and made from metal, glass or plastic. So help your customers stay hydrated – water bottles are easily sourced, simple to customize, and are bound to stay popular.

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Posture correctors

The steady growth of this product’s popularity is related to the long-term lifestyle change among the working population. Remote work made an additional contribution to this trend, taking the trip to and from work out of many people’s routines. From simple harnesses to complex hi-end structures, posture correctors are a health-conscious product that is sure to be popular among your customers, especially if properly targeted.

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Nail polish

Nail polish has always been a popular search query, which briefly outperformed the nail salon query in 2020 amid lockdowns. It’s as popular as ever, and needs to be replaced often considering the small bottle size. People want to experiment and make these slight, yet so noticeable changes to their appearance that a quick home manicure allows to achieve. You can never have enough nail polish colors in your palette, so this product will always be popular.

Board games

The prolonged quarantines all over the world that have kept hundreds of millions of people home with their families have given a popularity boost to all types of home entertainment, including traditional board games. It’s a great family pastime – relaxing or stimulating, depending on the game you choose. Once you are a board game fan, you’ll always want to find more games to expand your choices, so these timeless classics will likely remain in demand.

Peel-off face masks

The special inexplicable joy of peeling specks of everyday dirt off your face is hard to explain, but is addictive. And it’s a healthy addiction, so you can help your customers maintain this healthy habit by carrying a wide range. Initially popular in Japan and South Korea, peel-off face masks are now admired all over the world. 

Massage guns

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Kudos to the inventors of massage guns, tools for relaxation after exercise – or even instead of exercise! They’ve been gaining well-deserved popularity, and you can jump on the bandwagon and make the world a better place while making money!

Microphones and webcams

After Zoom and Google Meets became a mandatory part of pretty much everyone’s life, so did quality microphones and webcams. The 2020 surge in demand may be slightly down, because initial demand has been satisfied, but there’s still a continued need for more. 

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements are a sure-fire niche that will keep growing as the health-conscious mindset is becoming more prevalent. There is an enormous range of supplements to help with a huge variety of health and psychological issues, so everyone is bound to need something – to help grow their muscles, calm down before a public speech, or enhance their memory.

Craft kits

Today’s world is so stressful that many of the best-selling items are currently about eliminating stress from the equation of your life. Doing crafts like knitting, painting, sewing, planting (or a myriad others) is a creative way to get back into a peaceful mindset. And you always need more materials! 

Workout equipment

From dumbbells and resistance bands to expensive and complex training devices, having workout equipment right at your home is so much more convenient than going to a gym. Of course, there are the motivation and socialization factors, so there’s definitely something great to be said about gyms, too. But more and more people want a home workout option in line with the physical and mental wellbeing trend, so you’re safe with selling workout products of any kind.

Good luck with choosing the right products for your business!

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