10 signs you can be an entrepreneur

Some think that anyone can be an entrepreneur, even if they seem unfit for the role. For example, Patrick Hutchinson launched Patrick’s Farm Fresh Eggs when he was just 11 years old. After becoming fascinated with chickens at age 6, he spent the next few years learning about them and caring for them. Now, as the youngest member of the state farm bureau, he has his own customer base, LLC, and bank account. 

But is it really true? Can anyone do it? If not, who can be an entrepreneur?

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Here are the signs that you’re an entrepreneur in the making. 

1. You are self-motivated

Entrepreneurs can motivate themselves without someone else supervising or setting deadlines for them.

What’s more, if you have the qualities of an entrepreneur, you don’t need anyone to assign you tasks—you know what you’re meant to do. Even if you’re still figuring out what you’re supposed to do in life, you enter each day with a set of goals and objectives.

2. You don’t mind the risk

If you’re a risk-taker, you’ve probably learned this about yourself when you were a kid. For example, were you the one to climb the highest tree in the neighborhood or try new skateboard tricks? If you’ve always loved risk, entrepreneurship is likely to be a perfect fit.

3. You are good with money

One of the best skills to have as an entrepreneur is being good with a budget. If you tick all of these boxes, you probably won’t be one of those business owners who squanders money on foolish expenses: 

  • You don’t stress out about money.
  • You know how exactly much you spend. 
  • You have a three- to six-month emergency fund.
  • You can pay your routine bills early.
  • Other people come to you for financial advice.
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4. You don’t want to work a 9-to-5

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In other words, you want to use your time differently, even if it means sacrificing a consistent routine. This is actually an important consideration—at the start of their business journey, entrepreneurs work a lot more than employees. You may be facing a 7 am-11 pm routine six to seven days a week. But that shouldn’t scare you either.

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5. You are passionate

If you’re passionate about creating things and developing new ideas, you’ll always have a reason to get up in the morning. And because starting a business is rarely an overnight success, it’s crucial for you to keep that passion in the long term. 

6. You can multitask

You’re going to be juggling a lot of responsibilities. And you’ll need to be able to handle them emotionally or find the time for the vast array of tasks that will require your attention. In addition to multitasking, also work on the skill of healthy prioritization.

7. You like being in control

If you like being in charge, you can make a very good entrepreneur.

But don’t confuse enjoying being in control with needing to be in control all the time. You’ll also need to let other people handle certain aspects of the business without micromanaging them. 

8. You can lead people

Consider it a good sign when people have an easy time following your orders. If you haven’t tried your abilities in the business world, you can see this in other areas of your life. Whether it’s guiding your colleagues during a work project or a group of friends on a night out.

9. You want to solve people’s problems

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Natural problem solvers build businesses that people need. What’s more, providing outstanding value to customers also makes them feel incredibly fulfilled. If that sounds like you, it’s a win-win.

10. You want to create a lasting legacy

You dream of leaving a lasting impression. The scale of these dreams is up to you— a specific community, an entire industry, or even the world.Well, it turns out that not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But if you spotted yourself in these ten personality traits, it’s worth a try!

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