7 secrets how to reduce your cell phone bills

Now everyone is so accustomed to being in touch with their loved ones or friends that they cannot imagine their life without talking via the mobile phone. However, often the bill for this service is quite large, which overshadows the joy of communication. Sometimes it even becomes the next most expensive after paying for utilities and food.

Fun fact: according to JD Power, the average phone bill spend is around $157 per month.

And if you are constantly wondering “How can I reduce my mobile phone bill?”, then be sure to read the article and try to apply the tips.

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Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

Due to the prevalence of the Internet connection, you can find access to it not only at home but also in many other places — at work, in cafes or various public locations. In order not to waste telephone operator`s minutes, try to call through instant messengers, which provide for the possibility of audio and even video communication:

  • Viber;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Telegram;
  • Facebook Messenger;
  • Signal and so on.

If you are actively using the Internet connection included in the package of the mobile operator, then be sure to turn on the notification about approaching the limit — this will allow you to control how much GB you still have left.

Cut the insurance

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Using phone insurance is a fairly common occurrence if you really have a risk of damaging the device. On the other hand, this service costs about $11 per month, or $132 per year. If you’re wondering how to decrease the cell phone bill, it’s best to forego insurance, but set aside a small amount of a few dollars each month to pay for a new device if needed.

Try limiting background data usage

Be aware that a lot of applications can use the Internet in the background. This happens even when you don’t have access to a free connection. So be sure to go to your settings and turn off cellular data usage in the background in those applications in which you don`t need constant updating — it`s another method to reduce cell phone bills. 

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Use employee discounts

Find out if your company offers any discounts on phone bills — a general corporate discount is a common practice that saves employees a good amount every month. Also check to see if they cover the cost of using the phone for work purposes (audio calls, meetings, email, etc.).

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Buy smartphones without a contract

Contracts are a great way for a cell company to make money. So, if you are thinking about how to reduce cell phone bill, then instead of buying a new smartphone and signing up for a 2–3-year contract, try to find used devices in good condition and without a contract. Usually such models are marked as “unlocked” and can work with a SIM card.

Refuse unnecessary services

Take a close look at the breakdown of your mobile bill — we bet there are definitely a few items that you didn’t know existed! For example, extra-large message package, emergency roadside assistance, 411, extended voice mail and similar options. Do you really need all these services, or are they just common unreasonable expenses?

By the way, some operators offer plans where the user will pay only for the services that are actually used. Sometimes it’s the best choice!

Explore operator offers

In some cases, it’s impossible to figure out how to reduce cell phone bills by year without changing the operator. Explore the available pricing plans of each company, find out what services are included and what will be the best choice for you in the long run.

And more often than not, users find the best deals with lesser-known carriers that usually offer more affordable prices in order to maintain their competitiveness. So, by using their services you can claim great coverage without spending too much.

Try one of the tips or even several at once — and we`re sure that this will significantly affect your spending!

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