5 beliefs that prevent you from handling money properly

When it comes to money, everyone has a unique experience because our beliefs regarding money are influenced by our own unique experiences. Someone born in affluence will certainly have a different financial mindset than someone who has spent his childhood in harder conditions. Unfortunately, the art of handling money properly is never taught in any school when it is one of the most important skills that anyone can possess. 

Importance of handling money properly cannot be overstated and in order to help you develop a better financial mindset, we would like to point out some toxic beliefs that prevent you from handling funds in a proper manner:

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“I don’t deserve to have money”

If you believe that you are simply not worthy of funds, can you really expect to have an abundance of money? Sadly, most of us hold this belief about income and this is one of the major reasons that we are not properly equipped to handle money. 

You need to start believing in yourself and make yourself realize that you are worthy of money just like anyone else in the world. Once you have developed this self belief about income, you will certainly be much better at handling money.

“Money is needed to make money”

Sadly, this is another common belief about income that is held by many people. Fortunately, it is very easy to debunk this false belief. You simply need to survey the prosperous people in America and see the percentage of people who are self-made millionaires and billionaires. 

This is the proof that funds are not needed to make money. This commonly held belief limits a lot of people from learning ways to handle money properly and stops them from achieving their true potential.

“There isn’t enough money for everyone”

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One of the most commonly held beliefs about income is that there is simply not enough money to go around and therefore everyone is fighting for very limited supply. When you have this belief, you can never handle it properly and you will always find yourself short of it. Handling money is an art and to learn that art, you first need to change your beliefs about it. 

Once you realize that there is abundance of resources all around you and you have the ability to tap those resources, your belief about income will change drastically and you will in turn become much better at handling funds.

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“More money means more troubles”

Surprisingly, this is another widely held belief and it causes people to see money in an evil light and thus they are bound to fail in handling their finances. Many people think that having more income will only complicate their life but the truth is money is one of the biggest blessings of life and should be appreciated. No matter how much you hate it, you cannot deny that other people love it and if you want others to do what you want, you need to have a lot of money to offer.

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Change your belief that higher income increases problems when in reality money is nothing but your friend and it never hurts to have more friends.

“I handle money poorly”

This is both a belief and an excuse that allows people to spend their income poorly. When you strongly believe that you are not good with money, how can you expect to handle funds properly? This self-admission also gives you an excuse to spend money without thinking because you rationalize in your mind that you are not equipped to handle income, therefore it is okay for you to spend it like that. 

Sadly, this self-admission of defeat is one of the major reasons that keeps people in a tight financial situation. Instead, you need to start believing that you too can handle money properly because it is a skill and just like any other skill, it can be learnt. 

Once you develop this positive outlook about you and your ability to handle money properly, you will certainly see positive changes in your life.


What are money handling skills? They are a basic life skill that everyone needs to learn as early as possible. In this article, we discussed 5 limiting beliefs that stop most of us from handling funds properly. The purpose of this article was to showcase these commonly held beliefs so you can better understand if you hold any of these beliefs yourself. Our views about something influence how we handle it and therefore it is very important to identify these beliefs and correct them in order to advance your financial career and make positive choices in life.

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