9 habits that will never make you financially stable

Sometimes it is enough to break a few bad habits that are typical for people who are always lack of money to start building your capital. Let us check if you have any of these habits.

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1. Living without a goal

Walking with no destination means going nowhere. The same rule can be applied to your life; if you do not have a goal, you are drifting without a direction. This has to be changed if you intend to become financially stable. For some people it is not easy at all to set a high goal. It is all right then to set a smaller one at first and lift your plank step by step. You will find it encouraging to conquer small heights and move further.

2. Being afraid of changes

Avoiding changes and tending to stay in a comfort zone forces you to do destructive things to yourself: stick to work which you hate or stay in the town where there are absolutely no possibilities for development. People who are afraid of changes never open their own business, as they fear to fail. Of course, it is not easy to leave your comfort zone, but if you desire to gain capital, you have to take a certain risk.

3. Finding excuses

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It is in the mindset of the people with low income to find something or somebody to blame for their failure. Many people invent excuses that would explain their mistakes and inefficiency. Such people tend to believe in certain myths, for example ‘I would become financially stable if I had a better education’, or ‘I would have better chances if I was born in a big city’. They waste a lot of energy finding various kinds of reasons why they are not financially independent instead of taking steps, for example, get educated, find a better job etc.

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4. Being greedy

It is ok to be a little greedy in a positive sense of this word meaning that you care about your money and property in a reasonable way or you do not overpay for what you buy. However if you spend your whole day searching for discounts and lower prices, you are most unlikely to become financially stable. Moreover, greed is a kind of obsession, which can ruin your life if you do not keep it under control.

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5. Spending more than you earn

You may earn a lot but you will never become financially stable unless you know how to stay on a budget. The financially independent people know how to save money and how to leave by their means. Learn budgeting, analyze your income and expenses, stop using credit cards and buying things that you do not really need. If you go on with this habit you will be constantly spending your future income which is quite opposite to the idea of capital accumulation.

6. Being too conservative

Ask yourself, what new technologies or devices have you tested during the past year? What new ideas have you learned? If you want to become financially stable it is essential to keep up with modern technology and progressive thinking. On the contrary, poor people are sticking to their past, believing that their best time has already gone. They are not enthusiastic enough to employ new technologies which could help them become financially independent.

7. Envying others

Envy is bad, that is common knowledge. This emotion is destructive, it makes you feel stressed and anxious. If you keep to the habit of envying others you will never fulfill your dreams. Concentrate on your own life instead, set your goals, become positive and open-minded. Your main objective is your own well-being, so do everything to achieve it without looking back and comparing yourself to other people who may seem more successful or prosperous. If you walk your own way, one day you are going to be envied by others.

8. Being passive

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For poor people being passive is everyday practice. It is OK for them to let others take the decisions and responsibility. Being active means being courageous, which is not in the habit of the poor, otherwise they would become successful. If you are used to being passive you have to change it step by step. Learn to decide for yourself, to be responsible, to confront your opponents. Be smart enough to argue, make people hear your voice.

9. Underestimating yourself

Every person in this world is unique. However since our very childhood we hear that we should try better. As a result mental blocks are being created which do not allow us to unleash our potential. At the same time, many people gained their money by exploiting some of their talents. They were not afraid to create, to show the world their uniqueness. Stop underestimating yourself, become more confident, be more challenging and work on your habits, that is key to success.

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