7 easy ways to start investing with minimal money

It might seem challenging to start investing when you don’t make a lot of money. However, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need much to start. Here are seven methods you can adopt to figure out how to get into investing.

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Why Investing is Important?

Before beginning your journey to investing money, you need to know why it is essential. Let’s look at economic statistics, which indicate that inflation is at a 40-year high. This demonstrates that absolutely everything will cost more, whether it’s everyday groceries or filling up your car- living is expensive. At the same time, income hasn’t been increasing at a similar rate, so it is unlikely that you will earn at a rate to combat these inflating prices.

As a result, the need for money investments is more significant than ever, regardless of the stage of life you’re in. It might sound risky if you’ve never delved into this before, but it is far riskier not to have anything to benefit your future. Small investment ideas can save you a lot of trouble.

Here is why investing has become crucial:

  • Your money should work for you

You wore tirelessly to earn, so you should have decent returns. Beginning investing will allow your money to work for you. 

  • Money loses value sitting in a bank

As inflation rises, your purchasing power can drop if money is stuck in savings. Therefore, it is best to invest it somewhere its value can rise.

  • Interest from a savings account isn’t enough
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Even though a savings account generates interest, it often ranges around 2.5%. This is far too low to obtain decent returns with the current inflation rate. As a result, savings accounts hardly do anything at all.

  • No one wants to work till they’re 70

The sooner you begin investing, the faster you’ll start gaining compound interest. This will prevent you from being stuck in a situation where you’re forced to work forever, which is the whole point of investing.

  • You Miss Out on “Free Money”

Your investments help you earn more. If you aren’t using your existing money to make more money, you’re missing a lot of free money. After all, the whole point of investing is to make money.

  • Start Early to Build the Habit

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you may wonder, ‘how to invest my money?’ with small sums so that you know what to do when your income rises.

  • It is Effortless to Start Investing

As multiple platforms emerge, investing money has become much easier. You won’t have to spend ages in front of a computer or study stock charts for hours. Just set it and forget it!

Now that you understand why investing is necessary, we should identify the perfect time to begin. Fortunately, it’s sooner than you’d think.

When to Start Investing?

It is best to invest as soon as you can, and you might want to jump right into learning how to get started in investing. However, it is crucial to tackling these financial issues to make the most out of starting an investment:

  1. Pay off any High-Interest Debt

If you’ve got any high-interest debts, do what you can to pay them off. Make payments aggressively to bring down the balance because any interest you pay will negate the gains made from your investments.

  1. Create an Emergency Fund

Before considering the best investment opportunities, it is best to build an emergency fund. This should have enough savings to help you get through two to three months. This is mandatory to help you have enough living expenses to survive financially in case an unexpected problem arises or you lose your job.

Once you have built your emergency fund and have made decent progress on paying off your high-interest debt, you can begin to make money by investment.

How to Start Investing with Little Money?

A lot of times, people wait until they have money to invest before starting investing. This is a pretty common ideology, but it is flawed in itself. The idea that you must be rich to begin investing is expected but not valid. As soon as you begin making money, no matter how less, you should begin thinking, “How can I invest my money?”

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When you have competing financial priorities, it is understandable to have ambiguities about investing. Often, people have debt or no savings and don’t know how to start investing money. However, it is never too soon to start investing as long as you have paid off any high-interest debt and have created an emergency debt. After all, you need to start somewhere to get far, even if it’s a mere $20 stock purchase.

If you’re wondering how to invest with little money, here are seven ways you can get it done:

#1. Try the Cookie Jar Approach

Investing and saving money are closely linked together. This is because you need first to save up some money to invest it. This might seem difficult, but it doesn’t take long and can always be done in small steps. 

Start small if you’re the kind of person who finds it difficult to save. Put away as little as $10 every week. It might seem too small to get anywhere, but over a year, you can easily save over $500. You can start putting them in an envelope, small safe, shoebox, or the best bank you could ever have access to, the cookie jar. It might initially sound a bit silly, but this step is crucial. Get into the habit of living with less than you earn so that you can stash your savings somewhere safe and, in the meantime, find the best thing to invest in.

A savings account, which is separate from your checking account, is equivalent to a cookie jar. In these, money can be withdrawn in around two days if needed, but it isn’t linked to debit cards. This way, once you have enough money, you can move somewhere else, such as in small investments. After all, the best way to invest money always starts with savings.

#2. Enroll in Your Employer’s Retirement Plan

You might have heard many people ask, “Can you invest in money?” This approach answers things perfectly.

Money investments can be difficult if you’re on a tight budget. However, there are ways around it. Enrolling in your 401(k) or another employer retirement plan is a great beginning. This way, you can invest in an employer-sponsored retirement plan with small amounts you won’t even notice. For example, if you invest only 1% of your salary into your plan, you won’t miss that contribution. Moreover, the tax deduction you obtain from that contribution makes it feel even smaller.

Random walk theory

Over time, you can increase that initial contribution a little more. For example, in the second year, you increase it by 2% of your pay, by 3%, in the third, and so on. If you time this with your annual pay raises, you might notice the increased contribution lesser than before. As a result, your 2% increase in pay will affect the increase in your retirement plan along with your checking account. If your employer provides a matching contribution, things will turn out to be even better. If you aren’t sure how to begin investing, this is a great start.

Even if you are at a complete loss, multiple companies can help by offering hands-off investment management of your 401(k), so you can obtain good investments.

#3. Open an IRA as Well

Although employer-sponsored 401(k)s are great, their tax benefits aren’t as advantageous as other retirement accounts. Therefore, opening an IRA account is crucial to access money to invest in. This is one of the best investments for 2021 for beginners because of the numerous benefits that come with it. You obtain more control over the account because you’re opening an IRA directly instead of through your employer, who would determine your investments.

One of the best benefits of an IRA (especially a Roth IRA) is that it can grow tax-free. This means your account will be able to go without being taxed, and you can make tax-free withdrawals when you reach the age of 59½. 

#4. Let a Robo-Advisor Invest Your Money for You

Robo-advisors came forward in investments around a decade ago and brought ease and accessibility to investing. With them, you don’t need any prior investing experience, as Robo-advisors remove all the guesswork you might get caught up in. This might be your best bet if you’re on the hunt for good investments for beginners.

They work by asking a few questions to identify your goal and risk tolerance. After this, they start to invest in a diverse, low-cost portfolio of bonds and stocks. They then use algorithms to rebalance the portfolio and optimize it for taxes. As a result, you’ve got a hold of the best investments to make money in a breeze.

If you were wondering how to start stocks, they could help you in no time. Most Robo-advisors don’t require a lot of cash to start long-term investing and even charge a modest fee that often depends on your account size. They also offer various automated investing plans to continue growing your balance.

Retirement and IRAs overview

The only downside is the cost. The annual fee of Robo-advisors is equal to a small percentage of your balance. The average is about 0.25%, so you’d be paying $25 for every %10,000 that you invest. It might not sound like a lot initially, but it adds to a huge sum if you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, these fees are on top of the fees charged by exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that Robo-advisors need to purchase to make a portfolio. You can surpass this by building a portfolio of ETFs or mutual funds. However, this tends to be a lot of responsibility and additional work. To many, it’s just a small price to pay for the best stocks for beginners with little money.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for small investments that make money, Robo-advisors are inexpensive and worth it.

#5. Start Investing in the Stock Market with Little Money

You may be wondering about how to start investing in the stock market. It is often perceived that good things to invest in, like the stock market, require a good amount of money. Even so, today, this isn’t the case anymore. Those figuring out the best ways to invest money often ask themselves, “How to invest in stocks for beginners with little money?” The different ways to invest money online have made this process easy. Here, the customers can first get acquainted with the process with a relatively minor investment. As they get more familiarized with the investment strategies, they can proceed to go in with more significant commitments. It is an excellent way to learn about the best ways to invest as a beginner while putting little money at the risk of loss.

As the world moves on, several options have been introduced to welcome the new generation of investors. These options allow you to get started with no trade commission every time stock is bought or sold. This made investing in even a single stock cost-prohibitive little as $1. Unlike in the past, stockbrokers often charged several dollars’ worth of commission. The $0 commissions have become so popular that significant brokers worldwide have been forced to drop trading commissions.

The introduction of fractional/partial shares has proved revolutionary in investing. It allows you to diversify your portfolio while, at the same time, saving money.

Dip Your Toe in the Real Estate Market

Like the stock market, you no longer need excessive funds to invest in real estate. The solution here comes from “real estate crowdfunding,” an investment process allowing you to own partial/fractional shares in large commercial properties without the struggle of being a landlord. 

Binomo Blog Cryptocurrency Glossary

However, at the same time, crowdfunded real estate investing requires much more money than Robo-advisors. This kind of investment can also be a riskier process considering the entirety of your money is going into one market rather than various individual investments. The advantage here is that you own a tangible physical asset with no necessary relation to the stock market. 

The advantages here are several. With the money you invest, the cost and risk are shared with the other investors without responsibility for maintaining that property or worrying about paperwork. Real estate crowdfunding is a great way to learn about commercial real estate and diversify your owned assets. While it’s important not to spend all of your money on this kind of investment, it is an exciting investment.

Put Your Money in Low-Initial-Investment Mutual Funds

A type of investment security called mutual funds allows you to invest in a portfolio of stocks and bonds with a single transaction, making them an excellent idea for investors new to the business. 

The problem occurs when many mutual fund companies require an initial minimum investment. These investments range from $500 to $5000. As a new investor with little money to invest, this range can come off as a little expensive. Some mutual fund companies tend to waive these account minimums if you accept automatic monthly investments of $50 to $100. The automated investment feature is common in mutual fund and ETF IRA accounts. Transamerica and T.Rowe Price are mutual fund companies known to do this.

Automatic investing arrangements are known to be convenient when you can do it through payroll savings. In the same way, you deal with employer-sponsored retirement plans; you can set up an automatic deposit through your payroll. Refer to your human resources department for information on how to set it up.

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What are the Best Investment Strategies for Beginners?

Several personal finance experts, from Dace Ramsey to Warren Buffet, offer a wide variety of reading material consisting of various contrasting beliefs on investment and management of your money. There are different ways to invest money to produce some of the best investment opportunities out there.

However, before you leap into the investment world, you must consider a few things with these investment strategies.

Understand Your Goals Before Doing Anything

Understanding and identifying your investment goals before deciding where to invest. Some plans you should consider are

  • An investment in the stock market allows you to purchase your dream home in about ten years.
  • Save your money with the intention of early retirement.
  • Become a landlord by investing in real estate.
  • Investing money for beginners may be a tricky process. You may ponder, ‘where to invest my money?’. Now that you have a goal in mind, here are a few valuable tips that may help you down the road as an investor:
  • The money you’ll require before retirement shouldn’t be kept in an IRA or 401(k).
  • Do not invest money in the stock market if you need it in the next five years.
  • If your goal is to save for retirement, it’s essential that you get the employer match, max out your Roth, then proceed to max out your 401(k). All amount after this is to be kept in real estate or a brokerage account.
The concept of consolidation

There are several other goals that allow you a secure future. The best way to invest your money is to identify your goals early on. Since the money you intend to invest in your own, your dreams can be entirely your own without much dependency. It’s important to know you need to be investing to start making money.

There’s No Such Thing as the Best Investment for Everyone

You may wonder, ‘what can I invest in to make money?’ or ‘how to invest money to make money fast?’. Knowing there is no such thing as the best investment for beginners is crucial. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new investment concept; some refuse to think about the idea. On the other hand, some people put their trust in the cryptocurrency market. Some swear by real estate investments, while others who owe their loyalty to dividend stock investing may be terrified of the real estate space. When it comes to investment strategies, the best way to start investing is to realize a certain kind of investment may not work for everyone. While pondering good things, you may be inclined to invest in easy real estate or Robo-advisors. It depends on starting an investment that suits you best.

You Have to Build Different Investments

As you start figuring out how to invest in money, you need to keep a few things in mind. Suitable investments for beginners involve several different investment strategies catered for every stage of life. It all depends on the stage you’re currently tackling. For example, if you’ve recently graduated college, you’d probably want to open a few investment accounts to tackle your student loans and build a savings fund. Initially, you must know where to start investing with the money you already have to get into the more significant investments.

You Have to be Patient as an Investor

The best ways to invest money include patience. Warren Buffet, in his famous quote, says, “The stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient.” Often when beginning an investment, most people become a little too impatient because they’re looking for things to invest in to make money investing instead of thinking hastily.

Mistakes to Avoid when Investing with Little Money

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

More often than not, when people start investing, their main priority is to invest money to make money. I’m familiar with this scenario because when I started as an investor, I read various expert books and blogs to find the secret ingredient to sound investments. Initially, I aimed to figure out how to make money investing in a quick get-rich scheme. However, with time, I realized all that is needed for beginning investments is the focus on supporting it correctly.

While figuring out the best investments for beginners, rookies usually make typical investment mistakes. Ultimately, these mistakes may cost you thousands of dollars and the motivation to continue on this investing venture. We intend to make sure you steer clear of such errors.

Let’s take a closer look at what these mistakes are:

  • Little understanding of your investment. Before you start investing, it is crucial to research where you’re putting your hard-earned money.
  • Selling as soon as your investment starts dropping. An investor doesn’t lose money until you sell your assets. Rookies, just beginning investing, fall victim to the drop and start panic selling. The best way to guarantee your money investments is to be patient and not let short-term market fluctuations affect you.
  • Avoid taking advice from strangers. With the influx of people investing money, several self-proclaimed investment experts are giving you the worst advice. 
  • Stop panicking at the volatility of your assets. With investments, market fluctuations are natural. Don’t let the ups and downs of your assets worry you. Avoid overthinking so you don’t end up selling.
  • Diversify your investments. It’s a known fact that not all investments work out. It would help if you diversified your investments. You won’t be focusing on that one investment to work out with multiple investments.
  • Don’t try to time the market. When it comes to the investment business, what is the best thing to invest in? Most importantly, it is your time. It may be tempting to buy during a market dip, but remember, you can never accurately predict the market.
  • Avoid shady investments. Promises of high returns and low risks may be tempting however it’s crucial to be careful where you put your money.
  • Not investing. One of the worst things is putting off investments and finding the right time.

Start investing the right way but do your research first to ensure results.


There exist several investment strategies to make good money. While the investment business is good, it’s crucial to research your investments and avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article. There are always risks involved when it comes to investments, but all you have to do is start somewhere. Keep our tips and tricks in mind, and you will indeed have a future in investment that guarantees a comfortable life.

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