How To Invest in Gold

No asset besides gold has ever enjoyed the same success throughout history as a hedge against investment risk. Gold has seen and beaten them from inflation to economic turmoil to currency changes to war. Therefore, it is beneficial to know ways to invest in gold.

How can I invest in gold?

To reduce total portfolio risk, renowned investing advisors advocate allocating a portion of your portfolio to commodities, including gold. There are several different types of gold investments that can be made in various ways, including bullion (gold bars), mutual funds, futures, mining firms, and jewelry. With rare exceptions, the only ways to invest directly in gold are through bullion, futures, and a few specialty funds. The value of other investments comes in part from outside sources. You do not need to get huge books or “gold investment guide” pdfs. In this article, we shall go through a range of ways anyone can use gold as an investment.

Gold Bullion

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Large gold bars are impressive to look at, but they are expensive to buy and sell due to their illiquidity. Turns out gold bullion is one of the various forms of investment in gold.

For example, you can’t precisely see off the end of a huge gold bar worth $100,000 and sell it if you decide to sell 10% of your whole gold holding. On the other hand, gold owners frequently hold bullion in smaller-sized bars and coins, which offers much more liquidity.

This type of direct gold ownership is maybe the most well-known. Bullion gold is frequently associated with the enormous gold bars kept at Fort Knox. A kind of pure or almost pure gold that has been verified for its weight and purity is referred to be gold bullion. This includes gold bars, coins, and other gold-containing objects of any size. Additionally, gold bars frequently have a serial number affixed for security reasons. 

The primary issues with gold bullion are that the dealer’s relatively high markup and the fees associated with storage and insurance limit the amount of money that can be made. Additionally, gold as an investment by directly purchasing bullion means that the value of one’s assets will fluctuate proportionately for every dollar that the price of gold changes. Other gold investments plans, such as mutual funds, may be undertaken with less money and possibly with less direct price exposure than bullion.

Gold Coins

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The world’s sovereign governments have been issuing a significant number of gold coins for many years. Investors often purchase coins from private dealers at a premium of 1% to 5% above the value of the underlying gold. However, the premium has increased by over 10% in certain situations in recent years. 

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The benefits of bullion coins include the following:

  • Unlike many other assets, they are easiest to monitor. Their pricing may be seen in international financial magazines.
  • One-ounce or smaller gold coins are often produced, making them a more practical form of gold as an investment than more oversized bars.
  • Without much effort, trustworthy dealers may be identified in many major cities.

One- or two-ounce gold coins are the most typical ones available. The most accessible gold coins are collectible coins like South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, and American Gold Eagles.

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Gold ETFs and Mutual Funds

Investing in a gold-based exchange-traded fund provides an alternative to buying gold bullion as an investment directly (ETFs). Each share of these specialized instruments represents a predetermined quantity of gold, such as one-tenth of an ounce. These funds can be bought and sold in any brokerage or individual retirement account, like stocks. Consequently, this technique is easier and more cost-effective than owning bars or coins. The minimum investment is only the price of one ETF share, which makes it ideal for small traders.

You may gain exposure to gold’s long-term stability by investing in gold ETFs and mutual funds, which offer greater liquidity than physical gold and diversity than individual gold equities. Gold funds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are passively managed index funds that use futures or options to monitor market movements or the price of gold.

The following are the main benefits of gold-only mutual funds:

  • Minimal cost and low necessary minimum investment
  • diversification of business sectors
  • ease of ownership in an IRA or brokerage account
  • No specific company research is required.
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Gold ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds are some of the best gold investments in India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Gold Futures and Options

Futures are agreements to purchase or sell a specific quantity of an asset—in this case, gold—on a specific future date. Standardized futures contracts represent a set quantity of gold. Futures are better suited for seasoned investors due to the possibility of a substantial investment. Because of the inexpensive charges and minimal margin requirements compared to typical stock transactions, people frequently use futures. Investors must read the contract details carefully to avoid delivering 100 ounces of gold on the settlement date since some contracts settle in dollars while others pay in gold.

Alternatives to buying a futures contract outright include options on futures. These provide the option holder the right to purchase the futures contract at the predetermined price within a specific time frame. An option has the dual advantages of leveraging your initial investment and preventing losses from the amount paid. If losses increase fast, a futures contract purchased on leverage may require more cash than was initially committed.

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The two, however, are not the same. Regardless of the state of the market, a futures contract is an agreement to purchase or sell securities at a fixed price on a specific date. In contrast, an options contract is a legal document that grants you the right to buy or sell an asset if its price reaches a specific level on or before a particular date. The disadvantage of an option is that the investor must pay a premium above the underlying value of the gold to possess the option, unlike a futures investment, which is based on the current price of gold. Futures and options may not be suited for many investors due to their volatility. But futures are the most convenient alternative to selling or buying gold as an investment.

Gold Mining Companies

A rising gold price will also be beneficial to mining and refining businesses. Compared to other investment strategies, investing in these firms might be a risk-free approach to profit from the gold market.

The biggest gold mining firms have significant global operations. Therefore, business characteristics typical of many other big businesses contribute to the success of such an investment. As a consequence, even when gold prices are stagnant or falling, these businesses may still turn a profit. They accomplish this, for example, by routinely hedging against a decline in gold prices. Others choose not to do this.

Even so, investing in gold through gold mining firms could be safer than buying gold bullion outright. The investor must use due care in researching and choosing the specific firms. This is a time-consuming project, so many investors might not find it practical.

Gold Jewelry

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Jewelry production accounts for around half of all gold output. The demand for gold used in jewelry creation could rise over time as the global population and affluence are expected to continue to grow. However, gold jewelry customers have been found to be fairly price sensitive, purchasing less when the price increases quickly. You should also be conscious of your jewelry’s purity or gold content. Based on karats, the purity of gold is determined; 24 karats is the definition of 100% gold. Lower purity lowers the melt value of your piece or the worth of the raw materials that make up your jewelry if melted down to pure gold.

Estate sales and auctions can have better jewelry deals. The benefit of doing so is that there is no retail markup; the drawback is the time required to look for expensive things. Nevertheless, even if it is not the most profitable method of owning gold, jewelry ownership offers a fun way to do it. 

Gold as a Diversifier

Gold has historically been seen as a buffer against economic downturns due to its poor connection with other forms of financial assets. In particular, gold has traditionally had no association with stock market performance. Gold tends to move in the opposite direction from the dollar. This implies that times of dollar weakening may increase gold prices.

When faced with a recession, investors may consider the advantages of gold as a hedge against falls in other asset classes. According to past trends, gold prices often rise when inflation-adjusted bond rates decrease. This implies that it could be wise to allocate some of your portfolios to gold as a safety net against inflation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Invest in Gold?

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Gold might provide a safe refuge for your investments if you’re worried about inflation and other tragedies. Although it may be just as volatile in the short term as equities, gold has surprisingly kept its value over extremely long periods.

You may decide to invest in actual gold, gold equities, gold ETFs, mutual funds, or speculative futures and options contracts, depending on your personal preferences and level of risk tolerance. Regardless of the type of gold you select, most consultants advise you to only invest 10% of your portfolio.

How Much Should I Invest In Gold?

The amount you invest in any asset, be it gold or Bitcoin, depends on two things:

  1. The level of risk you are willing to take
  2. The rewards from your alternative investment (opportunity cost)

Let’s take the example of gold and Bitcoin. We know that gold is not a risky asset. On the other hand, Bitcoin is significantly riskier. Logically, we would either barely or not invest in Bitcoin and use all our savings to buy gold bullions or coins. However, we also know that Bitcoin can generate more rewards than gold, incentivizing us to place some money in Bitcoin. An experienced or high-risk taker would put more money in Bitcoin than a low-risk taker. Consequently, a high-risk taker would place less money in gold than a low-risk taker. 

Many investors don’t own gold, but some will include a sizable amount in their portfolios. A reasonable guideline would be to keep gold’s share of your portfolio between 5% and 10% of the entire account value as part of a diversified portfolio.

What Is the Best Way to Invest in Gold?

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Your resources and investment objectives will determine the best gold investment plan for your portfolio. The best way to invest in gold depends on the risk appetite and money you have. Gold bullion is an option for more prominent investors seeking direct exposure, although doing so requires a premium and storage fees. Gold-tracking ETFs and mutual funds provide low-cost exposure with small minimum commitments. However, before purchasing these shares, you should conduct some research because funds differ in terms of their investing philosophies and fee ratios. Purchasing stock in gold mining firms can give investors more exposure to the commodity. Still, these equities don’t necessarily precisely mirror gold’s long-term performance. Finally, although purchasing jewelry is less likely to result in investment gains, it may be a pleasurable way to acquire gold.

How To Invest In Gold for Beginners?

The simplest and safest options to invest in gold are often mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). You may purchase or sell these shares in your brokerage or retirement account. Each share of these securities reflects a certain quantity of gold. Due to their cheap costs and low minimum investment requirements, gold mutual funds and ETFs make attractive investments for novice investors.

Is Gold a Good Investment During a Recession?

Many investors include gold in their portfolios as a hedge against future economic downturns due to gold’s historically low correlation with other forms of financial assets. When bond rates decrease, gold prices often rise. The efficacy of gold investments during recessions or any other stages of the economic cycle will rely on how they fit into your entire investment plan, even if there may be advantages to doing so.

Who Sets the Price for Gold?

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It is not a question of who but rather how and what. Several variables influence the cost of gold. These include the demand for the metal for investments, certain technological uses, and jewelry-making. The value of the U.S. dollar, the quantity of gold held in central bank reserves, and the desire of investors to hold gold as a hedge against inflation or currency depreciation all contribute to the price of gold.

How Can We Save Gold?

Either keep it inside your house somewhere safe, get a safe deposit box at the bank, or hire a third party to store it.


There are several avenues for investors to have exposure to gold today. Not all of them include owning the precious metal and need a sizable initial investment. The purpose of this article was to expose you to all the ways you can own gold and make money while doing so. The purpose of this article was to teach you how to invest in gold. We hope this article helped you in becoming more educated and informed. We wish you good luck on your gold trading venture!

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