James Watson

Special Binomo Blog Contributor

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Charlotte, North Carolina


James Watson holds a bachelor's degree in writing from the University of Virginia and a master's degree in accounting with a concentration in enterprise risk management from North Carolina State University.


James has vast experience in finance, from bookkeeping and bank reconciliations to managing the end of the financial year with accruals, deferrals, and more. He set budgets for large and small programs (from $100,000 to $6 million). James has also provided training in several US states on personal finance for students who have participated in summer professional development programs. Among the topics he discussed were budgeting, spending management, foreign exchange transactions, and paying with cash vs. credit card vs. debit card. Thanks to his experience and extensive knowledge, James has been able to help many people become financially literate by explaining how to manage financial resources properly.


Corporate Finance, Personal Finance, Accounting, Investments.

Personal interests

Accounting, Online business, US Market Features.

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