4 causes of trading burnout and what to do about them

When it comes to trading, many traders have a lot of challenges to deal with and that includes trading burnout. Many traders are vulnerable to mental burnout because of the stress that comes with trading. 

Burnout affects the state of the mind as it is often caused by stress or overwork which can cause a trader to lose a sense of purpose and confidence. Many things, including excessive trading, volatile markets, irrational expectations, and, of course, losses, can lead to mental exhaustion. In this article, we have gathered four major causes of trading burnout and how you can prevent them as a trader. 

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Here are the 4 causes of trading burnout

1. High expectations

While it is normal for traders to have expectations when entering the market, setting unrealistic expectations will affect your mental health as a trader. Putting your expectations on the testimonials of other successful traders will only set you up for failure. The entire trading business constantly bombards us with psychological priming, it is understandable why expectations set us up for failure. There is no doubt that some professional traders often tend to present a flawless picture of how simple it is to be successful in the industry. However, you need to reduce your expectations and be willing to make the necessary sacrifices. 

2. Lack of direction

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Many beginner traders fail to understand the uncertainty of trading and this tends to take a toll on their mental health. Some traders waste their time and effort trying to be successful because they fail to understand how the market works. The effect of this attitude is that a trader will always feel at a loss and unmotivated which can result in mental burnout. 

A large portion of the anxiety or melancholy many traders have to deal with can be reduced or even completely eliminated by simply knowing your likely outcomes on a deal. Take part in simulated trades until you understand your chance of success with each edge you find.

3. Over-trading and trading addiction

You are more vulnerable to trading burnout because of uncontrollable urge to overtrade and make impulse trades. Overtrading is inevitable when a trader lacks a discernible competitive advantage, lacks confidence in their judgment, and has unrealistic expectations for quick success. Impulsive and excessive trading habits will always attract increased losses which can cause you to lose confidence in your trading skills and affect you mentally. 

4. Lack of self confidence

Trading burnout all stems from the same emotion: the fear of failing. Lack of self-confidence is the primary cause of failure fear. Many traders are dominated by the fear of failing or incurring losses, instead of recognizing failure as a part of trading experiences. Understandably, you have a fear of failing if you lack confidence in your abilities, approach, and competitive edge. Having unrealistic expectations and constantly worrying about your trade turning out badly will cause trading burnout. 

Ways you can prevent trading burnout as a trader

—Don’t be too hard on yourself

One way to address trading burnout is to understand that perfection isn’t always attainable while trading. Losses and wins are part of trading so if you end up on the wrong side of a trade, try not to be too hard on yourself. Take your experience in trading as a process and maintain your professionalism by learning from it. 

—Give yourself a break

Many traders make the mistake of engaging in too much workload that they become less effective. Take some time off trading so you can stay energized and more focused. You are likely to become tired and lose an edge if you spend the entire time trading. 

Take your time away from trading when you feel pressured. You will return to trading more productively if you occasionally put your mind elsewhere. Your productivity can be improved by even taking a 10-minute mental break.

—Consult reliable sources

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Information is essential to the development of a good trader. Quit trying to figure it out by yourself. To effectively prevent trading burnout you have to seek counsel from experts. So don’t hesitate anymore, scout for knowledge. 

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Concluding notes

Trading burnout is real and it can affect any trader regardless of their level of experience. While it is important to focus on your work, you shouldn’t stick to a particular routine. Doing the same thing every day is one of the biggest causes of burnout. Find a way to change up the repetitious process that makes up your daily routine and find a new way to tackle problems.

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