5 new bright impressions trading will give you

New experiences shape your brain. This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity, which has enormous benefits, including better cognitive capabilities and the ability to learn new things. According to scientists, even playing Super Mario 64 can improve it. 

And guess what – trading does the same. It brings new opportunities, opens new facets of life, and makes you face situations that you never thought you’d experience. Here are a few examples of new feelings and circumstances you’ll enjoy as a trader.

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A quick turnaround in emotions

People grow up believing that positive emotions are good for them, whereas negative emotions are bad for them. But this simple conclusion is incomplete. 

Being able to experience a range of emotions is part of being human, and trading helps you tap into different feelings in a single day. Experiencing the frustration of failures is part of what makes it so incredible to feel the joy of success.

Interesting fact: social psychologists discovered that emotional responses are faster than cognitive or thinking responses. So, your emotions kick in even before you wrap your head around a certain market move. It may feel like a punch in the gut. Or like a sudden rush of euphoria. 

Fast-paced living

Trading puts you in a faced-paced environment. You learn to think, analyze, and make decisions quickly, and it becomes second nature. If given a chance to give up this quickening pace, you probably wouldn’t go back. 

Some people are concerned about the negative effects of fast-paced living. Yet they choose it almost boastfully and enjoy being rushed off their feet to be busy. 

How long does it take to become a pro trader?

Worry not – researchers found the surprising upsides of an accelerating world. They believe it leads to a faster pace of innovation and wealth creation, as well as generates a positive, pleasant feeling from quickly tackling and mastering a tricky task. 

Working in unusual places

As a trader, you can replace the traditional desk at the office with various unusual locations. You’re free to explore all possible office alternatives, for example:

  • A question, brightly lit library with Wi-Fi and electrical sockets to keep you online for hours 
  • A cafeteria or lounge at a museum or a gallery for an element of culture
  • A room, a suite, or a conference room in a hotel or sit in the lounge
  • A fun change of scenery at the resort; you can even bring your family with you
  • A park to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine during daytime work hours
  • Public courtyards with outdoor furniture and some shade
  • Airport terminals if you’re a frequent flier trading on the run
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Reaching new heights

It’s not a career for those who want to find that middle road to be happy with good enough. Once you enter this competitive, brutal trading world, you’ll understand that limits are in your head. There is no ceiling for success, there is no boss to put a cap on abundance and financial freedom. 

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Traders have shifting goals that force them to achieve more. For example, you set a profit target for a year and reach it. Now, you’ll set a higher target and make bigger trades. If you trade well, you’ll continue moving the bar upwards. 

Never knowing that the next day will bring

Most people know exactly what they’ll do at work. Even more, they know what the result of their labor will look like: a barista will make X number of coffees on an average day, a woodworker will finish crafting a table, a website developer will integrate two new widgets. 

But a trader doesn’t know what the end of the session will look like. The day can go well or be a complete disaster. Or it can be so calm that you’ll be pleading for more action and wild volatility. 

Even though not every day is exciting, you never get quite used to the unpredictability. And that always keeps you on your toes.

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