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6 facts you might not know about Binomo
All traders have different trading patterns: some prefer trading every day at a set time, some trade only on weekends or Mondays and Thursdays, and some base their plans on the economic news. But there is one thing that all traders have in common: it’s a trading platform they all share.  Here are a few facts about Binomo that don’t lie on the surface and can add more ease to your trading. Fact #1 Fast withdrawals Withdrawing profits is one of the most pleasant experiences in trading. And every trader wants this experience to be as fast and as unproblematic as possible.  Some companies make the withdrawal process intentionally harder by adding certain restrictions, so it statistically takes from 1 to 3 days to get your money. This way, the companies try to protect themselves from potential fraud, when in reality, they just lose the credibility of their users.  On Binomo, we aim to make all withdrawals quick and secure. There are cases when withdrawals might not be credited the instant they were requested due to issues on the provider’s side. But since we put the convenience and loyalty of our traders first — we never intentionally stall any withdrawals.  So when you’re a verified trader who withdraws to the same payment methods you used for deposits — you get your earnings from Binomo in a few minutes to a few hours.  Fact #2 Fast verification This fact comes from thinking about security. Verification is a mandatory step required by financial market regulators and payment service providers and ensures the security of a trader.  If a trading platform does not require verification, then it is not complying with the law, and therefore your funds are not in safe hands. It’s not a long or complicated process, but the lack of standards and unclear communication can make verification take from 1 to 3 days.  We checked the industry statistics and ensured that verification on Binomo is quick, automatic, and transparent at every step of the way. This approach saves time both for traders, and us, so on Binomo you can become a verified trader in about 10 minutes.  Fact #3 Fast support We all need a helping hand sometimes. Preferably, that hand would belong to a human who speaks your language and knows how to answer your question or solve a problem in under 3 minutes.  There are no fixed standards in the industry, so we challenged ourselves with our own: 1 minute in a chat and 1 hour via email. It’s been a few years of carrying that standard out to a second!  Most Binomo traders rarely face the need to reach out to Support, but if you’ll one day want to — know that it will be fast, easy, and helpful. Fact #4 Transparency of operations Trading is about prediction, analysis, persistence, financial news, and, of course, money. Your deposits and profits are safely stored on your real account balance on Binomo and are always at your disposal.  On Binomo, you know where your money is at all times. It can be on your balance, or it can be deposited or withdrawn. All these operations are reflected in the Transaction history, so you’re always up-to-date. And if one day you’d need to check something — you know what to do. Binomo’s Support team will help you check anything in under 10 minutes. And did we say that it would be in your language?    Fact #5 Crypto wallets A selection of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals is a must for every modern trading platform. Every trader has a method that’s convenient for them for various reasons. And we make sure that all methods meet a safety standard, supply the speed of transactions, and preferably have low or no fees at all.  Lately, we noticed the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency methods and expanded the list of crypto wallets in the Cashier. We think traders tend to choose crypto transactions over everything else because crypto methods meet all the reliability and speed criteria. After all, traders are an important part of the financial world, and where traders are — there are trends.  Fact #6 Promotions Following economic news, keeping track of the world’s events, and learning new strategies are, without a doubt, the three pillars of trading. But sometimes, we all need a bit of diversity.  That’s when tournaments, promotions dedicated to the national holidays, or sports events come in. Do you already follow Binomo’s newsletter or any social media like Telegram or Instagram? If not — then it’s your sign to subscribe.  Don’t let yourself forget that we live in a grand world of opportunities and that adding a little bit of fun, contests, and educational quizzes can motivate you no worse than an extremely successful trading day.  * * *  Being a trader comes with its perks and complications. But when you know your trading platform as well as the back of your hand — the perks start to greatly outweigh all the complications. Have a great day, and let there be many outstanding achievements on your way! 

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