How to work and travel: 7 simple life hacks

So, you have traveler-friendly work and want to explore the world. Are you heading to any of the most visited places in the world: Bangkok (22.78m international travelers), Paris (19.10m), or London (19.09m)? Or to some of the least visited places, like 100 tiny Tuvalu islands scattered across the South Pacific? Whatever your destination may be, you could use a few tips to mix your work and travels properly. 

Whether you’re a paradise enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a digital nomad, here is how to work and travel at the same time: 

1. Choose your destinations wisely

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It would be exciting to throw a dart at a world map and go wherever it lands. But this can potentially jeopardize your ability to work. A lack of stable internet, a private area with a desk, or a quiet environment can all be detrimental to your productivity or disrupt your work altogether. Therefore, choose your destinations from a “home office” perspective, too. 

2. Pack light

If you’re traveling to different destinations one after another, bring as few things as possible. You don’t want to waste precious time packing and unpacking, the time that you could spend working or seeing sights. Also, you’ll move gracefully through the crowds, speed through baggage claims, and stop worrying about losing one of your many possessions.

3. Develop a new ‘normal’ routine

Even though you won’t work in the traditionally formal environment, imagine that you need to get ready for the office. Dress up, have a dedicated work desk, and do whatever else you need to clearly separate your work life from your travel life. 

Start the day by brewing a cup of coffee and finish your workday with a nice walk to wind down. 

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4. Don’t travel on busy days

Another piece of advice on how to work and travel overseas: stay put if you have a lot of work. Don’t risk missing good trades on a busy trading day (e.g., a Monday after bad is released over the weekend) because you don’t have strong enough internet or there’s nowhere to charge your laptop. 

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5. Double the amount of time you think you need

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Things often move slowly when you’re on the go. If you think you need an hour to finish work, set aside two hours. If you think you can explore a new town in a day, do yourself a favor and extend your stay to two days minimum. Plus, the slower your pace, the less stressful you’ll be. 

6. Take advantage of quiet moments

Productivity isn’t only about as much work as possible. You need to take a breather between accomplishing your tasks, even if it means doing it while waiting at your gate or on the plane. Read a fictional book, listen to a podcast, or just stare out of the window in peace. 

7. Unplug to explore

As hard as it is for overachievers to admit, the weekends and days off are sacred. You’re already spending enough time in front of a screen, so avoid checking your phone, emails, and other communications outside of trading hours. Maybe reacting to an occasional trading signal is fine, but nothing more than that. With time and experience, you’ll come up with your own rules on how to work and travel abroad. So, feel free to make mental notes and additions to this list.

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