How to earn on stock exchanges

To begin generating additional income on stock exchanges, you need to understand how trading and market patterns work. You also need to learn how to handle your own emotions when trading.

Despite the fact that only a small percentage of the Indian population trades on the stock market, India has twenty-three stock exchanges altogether. If you are careful and make sure to do your research, you can hopefully make the most of them.

This article will break down some of the best ways you can learn about getting returns on the stock market.

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The best ways to learn about the stock market

The first step to trading on the stock market is to find a broker or a trading platform. Brokers are your gateway to the market, allowing you to trade on asset quotes in real-time. Once you’ve done your research and found a broker, it’s time to learn how to trade.

There are three main methods to employ when learning about how to earn on the stock market: researching, developing a trading strategy, and practicing with a demo account. This section will explain these methods.

1. Researching

When starting out as a novice trader, do your research. You don’t need to spend lots of money on books on the subject. All the information you could ever need can be found online.

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Concentrate on learning about technical and fundamental analysis. Some novice traders think that technical analysis is the only analytical method they will need to apply to the market, but you should use both methods. You should also take the time to familiarize yourself with the different stock chart patterns that can appear over time. 

2. Developing a trading strategy

Try to develop a trading strategy of your own. You may not be able to analyze charts by yourself yet. If this is the case, see what kind of rules the most well-known and successful traders use, and follow in their footsteps. 

You’d be wise to make a detailed plan for trading on stock exchanges. Determine when you will enter the market and when you will exit it. 

Remember to try your strategy out on your demo account before trying it for real.

3. Practicing with a demo account

Many brokers offer demo account services. Try to find one that does, and take the opportunity to learn from their demo account program. 

Practicing with a demo account gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the online trading mechanism of the stock exchange you choose. It also allows you to get to grips with market analysis. Since you’re not putting any real capital on the line, you don’t need to worry about losing funds.

When using your demo account, keep in mind that trading for real funds is quite different. There are more intense emotions involved, and the market may not behave as nicely. 

Using your real account

Once you’ve followed these steps, it’s time to open up a real account. 

When you start, use the smallest possible amount of capital. You still have a lot to learn, so you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. When trading for real, you will come up against a traders’ worst enemy: their own emotions. 

Fear, anger, greed, guilt, excitement—this mix of emotions will make it difficult to think straight. If you can think critically, you will be more able to make the stock market work for you.

Assess the market

Stocks are highly dependent on the behavior of the market, which is why you need to carefully assess it beforehand. Not all stocks move in tandem with the market, which is why you need to find the ones that do. In other words, if you have a vision of being successful, then you need to learn how to ride the tide.

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Look at the moving average, as it gives you an idea of the market momentum. You may also want to keep an eye out for market events that could potentially move the market. See if your stock of choice has a chance of improving in that market.

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Find companies you understand

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When you buy stocks, a good idea would be to get them from companies that you like. The reason behind that is simple: if you like the company, you probably know more about it. Even if you don’t, you’ll be more eager to learn.

Find companies whose books you understand. You must know what its revenue is like and why, what its costs are, how it performs seasonally, and what its risks and opportunities are. You should also know what its advantages are and how it performs compared to its competition.

Don’t invest in businesses you don’t understand

This goes hand in hand with the point above. You need to go for businesses that you do understand. Think about it this way: stocks are nothing more and nothing less than ownership stakes within a business. If you invest in something without knowing what’s going on, you put your money at risk.

Warren Buffet would often say that if you can’t illustrate a business idea with a crayon, then you should not invest in it. You must be very diligent in the companies that you pick and avoid the ones that make you scratch your head. You may be tempted to choose a fancy company because “it seems to be successful,” but you have no idea about that unless you understand its finances.


Once you’ve followed these steps, you will find that you already feel more comfortable trading on the stock market. Try to learn as much as you can and be as analytical as possible, and hopefully, you will master online trading in the stock exchange.

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