How Priya found the right approach to trading crypto

Hi! I’m Priya, a 27-year-old software engineer from Bangalore, India. In the tech world, you couldn’t escape the buzz around crypto, and everyone around me was trading, investing, or simply so pumped to talk about it. But I wasn’t immediately interested because I had heard of trading before but had always assumed it was too risky and complicated. To give myself credit, yes, it’s definitely risky and complicated but also fascinating! My colleagues recommended Binomo, so I looked into it and have essentially never left.

I wasn’t trading crypto directly, and luckily, Binomo offers crypto indices as a trading asset. Of course, I didn’t blindly put my money in just any crypto index fund. I read up on the various crypto index funds and looked into their portfolio composition. Put differently, I focus on the fundamentals when choosing my assets, but when it comes to trading itself, my focus is on technical analysis and indicators. 

I saw decent results at the time when crypto was finding its way to all news articles and tweets. The market has calmed a bit by now, but it was fun to get my start when everything was so volatile. There are still waves of volatility, and I’m catching them to my advantage. And if you want more insight into my process, here is another one – having a crypto wallet definitely makes using the Binomo platform so much easier. With it, I can quickly move my funds around and have them readily available for trading, so for me, it’s a must. 

How trading helped launch a startup

I continue to live my normal life and put my earnings back into my professional growth. For example, I saved up for a few nifty courses on advanced data structures and UX design. And while they seem to only benefit me as a developer, this kind of knowledge base actually makes me a better trader. For example, I was able to effectively organize and analyze the monstrous amounts of data that I was getting from the crypto markets. Besides, my background in software engineering has primed me for this. I’m very good with the ins and outs of crypto and the underlying technology of blockchain. So, once you understand how technology works, trading becomes an easier thing to manage and sustain. 

To summarize my journey, I’m really happy I decided to use Binomo for my crypto trades. And I’m glad I gave trading a shot. 

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