How I successfully hedged the EV giant

Hello, my name is Yusuf, and I am from Ankara, Turkey. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the natural world, and as I grew older, I developed a keen interest in environmental issues. Years went on, and I became involved in various sustainability and energy-related initiatives – this interest was the catalyst for my trading success.

Let me tell you about the time that made me proud of my trading skills. In was in 2020, I had been trading for a couple of months with a few bucks here and there. Then I decided to go long on Tesla because I believed that the company’s electric vehicles and sustainable energy initiatives would lead to growth in the future.

How I learned that two market analysis tools are better than one

But I was also aware of the risks associated with a high-growth company like Tesla. The stock price was notoriously volatile (and it still is), and any unexpected news or market shifts could lead to sudden losses. To hedge against this risk, I purchased put options on the same stock. I will spare you the details but believe me, the hedge was the right decision. Since then, I have been hedging for all my big trades, and now sudden market downturns and unexpected events make my balance grow. 

That particular trade was a meaningful moment in my trading journey. It felt like a turning point where I gained confidence in my market analysis and risk management skills. But to get to the point where I am now as a trader, I had to invest a significant amount of time and effort into learning about the craft. Even now, it’s an ongoing process of reading books and articles and practicing with small positions in new markets before moving on to larger trades.

If I had to recap my career so far, I started small in the technology sectors (which was the first chapter), and that hedged Tesla trade boosted my account (second chapter), and now I’m in my third or fourth chapter, where I don’t second-guess or worry. If I have reasons to believe the market might turn, I take the opposite position and profit either way. That is where my success in the financial markets is rooted. 

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