All about theta in the trading world

Theta symbolizes the temporal decay of an option’s value and is a crucial element in trading options. This article will thoroughly explain what theta is, how it functions, and how it impacts option trading. Understanding theta is essential for making educated trading decisions, whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader.

What is theta?

Theta gauges how quickly an option’s value declines as the expiration date draws near. The «time decay» of an opportunity is another name for it. Theta is often stated as a negative number and expressed in dollars per day. For instance, if an option’s theta value is -0.05, it signifies that every day until expiry, it will lose $0.05 in value. If all other factors remain constant, an option will depreciate as it approaches maturity.

Understanding theta

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Theta is a member of the collection of metrics referred to as the Greeks applied to options pricing. When the contract is created, the strike price, also known as the exercise price, is established. It informs the traders of the price the concerned asset must reach before the option can be exercised. 

Because options may be exercised only for a specific amount of time, theta measures the risk that time presents to option buyers. It is referred to as time decay or the erosion of an option’s value over time. The profitability of an option declines with time. The value of the longer-term option is higher because there is a more significant likelihood or more time for the opportunity to go beyond the strike price.

Theta is essential in options trading because it shows how quickly time decay affects an option’s value. Options with a low theta will often decay slower since they are far out of money or have an extended period till expiry. On the other hand, options with a shorter period to expiry or those close to the capital will often have a greater theta, which means that they are more volatile.

For traders who sell options, such as covered call writers or sellers of naked puts, theta is very crucial. The potential profit the trader might make from the option’s time decay is represented by theta in these techniques. Conversely, traders who buy options, such as call or put buyers, will suffer negative theta. As the option’s expiration date draws near, its value will decline.

Special considerations 

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When it comes to theta, there are a few issues that traders need to be aware of. The volatility of the underlying stock, for instance, has an impact on theta and might lead it to fluctuate quickly in the event of sharp changes in stock price. Additionally, macroeconomic factors, such as changes in interest rates, have an impact on theta.

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If all else is equal, an option loses extrinsic value as it gets closer to its expiration date due to time decay. Given that time is on the side of holders of extended options, theta is one of the critical Greeks that option buyers should be concerned about.

On the other hand, time decay benefits the trader who writes options. Time decay is advantageous to chance option writers because as the time to expiry draws near, the written options lose some value. As a result, buying back the options to cover the short position is more cost-effective for option writers.

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Theta vs. other Greeks

One of the numerous «Greeks» used to define the properties of options is theta. Other Greeks include gamma, which calculates how quickly delta changes, and delta, which quantifies how sensitively the value of an option is affected by changes in the underlying stock’s price. Also utilized is vega, which shows how the potential cost of an opportunity changes for each change in implied volatility of one percentage point. Making informed trading decisions about options requires understanding theta in conjunction with these other Greeks.

Theta example

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Consider a trader who buys a call option with a $100 strike price and a one-month expiration date. The call option’s theta value at the moment of buying is -0.03, which means it will lose $0.03 in value per day. As the expiry day draws near, the theta will increase, meaning that the option will experience faster time decay.

The call option will expire at null value, and the trader will have lost the amount they paid for it if the underlying stock stays at $100 until expiration. The call option will be worth $10, and the trader will have earned money if the stock price rises to $110. Theta will have had little role in the overall profit or loss in this scenario.


We will address some frequently asked questions concerning theta in this section.

Is theta good for options?

The answer to this question will depend on the kind of options trader you are. Theta can be advantageous for option sellers since it shows the possible gain from time decay, such as covered call option writers or sellers of naked puts. Theta, however, might work against you if you are an option buyer, such as a call or put buyer, as it signifies the decline in value as the option gets closer to expiration.

Which option has the highest theta?

Theta values range from the most lavish for at-the-money options to the lowest for both in and out of the money. The absolute value of theta increases as the expiry date approaches for an option that is at the money or as near to it as feasible.

Does theta decay on weekends?

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Weekends are not an exception to theta degradation. Even while markets are closed, time decay continues, and theta will keep eroding the option’s value until it expires.

The bottom line

Theta, which reflects the pace at which an option’s value depreciates over time, is a crucial element of options trading. Making wise trading selections requires having a solid understanding of theta, how it functions, and how it impacts options trading. Learning about theta will be beneficial in the long term, whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader.

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