5 special things to learn from Adidas customer support system

Over the decades, the German apparel company Adidas has enjoyed a profitable and successful business. Since 2015, Adidas has recorded an average growth of 17.6%, growing to about $5.8 billion in revenue.

This integrated customer support is edged in their marketing strategy and has allowed Adidas to overthrow their significant competitors like Nike effortlessly. Digital transformation has also played a vital role in this development. With all of these components fused, Adidas has built closer and stronger relationships with its customers.

In this article, we shall look at some important marketing lessons you can derive from Adidas’ integrated customer support service.

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The Adidas customer system: 5 key things

1. Be available to customers. Always

Adidas’s adoption of the customer support strategy is targeted towards areas where their customers need them the most. The apparel giant Adidas focuses a more significant part of its customer support service on platforms where they record the most active users.

To provide the best customer support, Adidas has identified where their customers consume most of their content. For small or large-scale marketers, this is top-notch online or offline customer support provided to those actively available on several platforms.

2. Reach out to a all cultures uniquely

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The leading cause of a deficit in brand reach to customers is the low targeting of a particular group. What Adidas has done over the years and has continued to do is ensure that its integrated customer support is geared at reaching a wider demographic.

As a marketer, it would interest you to know that the big brand Adidas has one of the effective marketing strategies that satisfy a broader audience. This can be achieved by having a brand inclination towards influencers that can help promote a broad reach.

For small or large-scale marketers, leveraging brand influencers can go a long way, especially during social media campaigns, to reach a more extensive audience base.

3. Digitalization works too

With many customers making Adidas sportswear purchases online, it became expedient for the brand to provide a seamless strategy for its digital customer service. In addition to utilizing tools that collect data from their use to provide an effective solution, Adidas has succeeded in integrating vital store information. This innovation is geared towards providing a top-quality customer experience.

Marketers can learn from this strategy to build seamless digital customer service via powerful integration that features data collection from users to understand them better.

4. Personalize all customers

The best way to maintain good customer service is to work on personalized customer support. Adidas has proven year after year to have worked on one of the best-integrated customer support systems. They are committed to delivering stellar service by providing personalized interactions and self-service options to proffer solutions to simple problems. These interactions will provide a powerful opportunity to build a base of loyal followers.

5. Create an honest feedback loop 

Adidas has a robust utilization technique when it comes to utilizing feedback from customers’ support of any of their platforms. Not only should feedback be gotten from customers, but it must also be acknowledged and responded to protect your brand. This tactic can help increase your brand loyalty and help convert potential customers into promoters.

Final remarks

That’s it all. The 5 most important things to learn from the integrated customer support of Adidas are. It is crucial to note that the secret behind better service delivery is customer satisfaction. Once this becomes the basis of the operation of a brand, there’s no limit to what it can achieve.

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