Top 10 IT companies in the world

There are more and more digital products in the world produced by the best software companies, without which people cannot imagine their lives. All of these products or services are produced by various global IT organizations. In today’s article, we will try to consider the top 10 software companies in the world that make the life of modern people more convenient.

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Very often, the title of world no 1 IT company is awarded to IBM (International Business Machines), which provides services in:

  • cloud computing;
  • development of artificial intelligence;
  • development of computer software.

At the moment, the organization’s annual income is about 75 billion because its services are used by banking institutions and various trade brands in the international market. The organization itself is more than a hundred years old since it has been operating since 1911.

Fun fact: we all come across IBM products every day without knowing it. For example, the magnetic stripe on a bank card and barcodes are inventions of this company.


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Also, the top IT organizations must have included Microsoft because this company has been operating for a little less than fifty years, and is considered one of the most successful in the 20th century. It is also the largest IT company in the world. The brand is known for developing Windows OS, cloud services and other technologies (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Office 365, Bing, OneDrive, Skype, Xbox Live and Yammer).


With an impressive $100+ billion in annual revenue, Dell is considered one of the largest IT companies in the world, producing various components for PCs and accessories. Since its inception (1984), the company has opened its offices in 180+ countries.

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The basis of the work of Oracle is the development of software tailored to the needs of certain corporations, as well as the creation of smart systems based on artificial intelligence. In addition, the company supplies server hardware and works on database management systems.

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The “top software companies in the world” ranking would be incomplete without Intel, which has been providing its services since 1968. A characteristic feature of the brand is that it is one of the main global suppliers of microprocessors — at the moment, it is Intel components that are used in computers and laptops from Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Cisco Systems

Another successful IT company is Cisco Systems, which operates in the field of providing cybersecurity services, cloud storage and data analysis tools. The organization’s offices are located in 160+ countries of the world, the number of employees is about 80k, however, the brand continues to develop, offering routers, modems, switches and other equipment for network communication to the modern market.


This company is known to many for its smartphones and tablets, but the brand, created in South Korea in 1938, produces a much wider range of goods for telecommunications, audio and video devices, hard drives, memory chips and a lot of electronics necessary for a comfortable everyday life. The company’s revenue exceeds $210 billion a year.


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Clearly one of the leaders of the top software companies list, this brand offers digital services, and manufactures computers, mobile phones and a wide variety of accessories. It briefly reached the $3 trillion market cap in January 2022, which is a record for any American company in any industry. In fact, if Apple was a country, it would be the 8th largest economy in the world, between France and Canada/Italy. The company is now foraging into the ‘metaverse’ realm and aims to compete with Meta and the likes in creating an entire self-contained world using its RealityKit and ARKit. 


This Japanese company is considered the largest in Japan and one of the most significant in the world, as it provides services:

  • personal and corporate programming;
  • information storage;
  • systems integration;
  • IT consulting, implementation and management.

Officially, Fujitsu has offices in more than 70 countries, but customers cooperate with the brand remotely as well, so the organization says that it works with customers from more than 100 countries. One of the main partners of the company are Microsoft and Siemens.

Alphabet Inc (Google)

Another major player among the ten largest software companies in the world is Alphabet – a multinational corporation that integrated Google and its various subsidiaries in 2015. Google remains the planet’s most visited website, which is a meaningful illustration of its power and success. Google’s various branches conduct research and offer services in search engine tech, cloud and quantum computing, AI, online advertising and consumer electronics.

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