7 most unusual restaurants in the world

A certain elite restaurant in Tokyo is known for serving sushi on the bodies of naked girls. One prim English couple didn’t know about this racy concept before arriving at the restaurant. When their order was brought in, the lady was horrified, threw the wedding ring in her husband’s face, deciding that he had set it all up on purpose, and ran outside.

Today, going to a cafe or restaurant can hardly be called a special event, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for restaurant owners to surprise and attract visitors. In order to bring in clients, some restaurateurs turn their establishments into very unusual and memorable places.

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An underwater restaurant in the Maldives

One of the most unusual restaurants in the world is located in the Maldives, at a depth of 5 meters. Thanks to the transparent acrylic roof, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world during a meal. The restaurant is small, and can accommodate a maximum of 14 people at the same time, so potential clients have to book a table a few weeks before the date of the visit.

Ресторан под водой

A soaring restaurant in Belgium

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In Belgium, you can dine at an altitude of 50 meters. The special platform on which a large oval table is installed, is designed for 22 people. In the center of the table is a free space for service personnel and a security guard. Each visitor is secured with seat belts that guarantee their safety. For an additional fee, you can order live music; for this purpose, the musicians are raised on a similar platform in the direct vicinity of the diners. The only clear drawback of this restaurant is the absence of a toilet.

Ресторан на высоте

An ice cafe in Dubai

In Dubai’s summer heat a perfect place to cool off is an ice cafe. Not only its walls and interior decorations are made of ice, but also tables and chairs and some of the tableware. All this splendor is illuminated by multi-colored lamps that do not give off heat. The temperature inside does not exceed -5° Celsius, so make sure you bring warm clothes when you visit the restaurant. But even in a warm hat and a down jacket you shouldn’t stay in the ice kingdom for too long – 35-40 minutes is the limit for an average person.

Ледяное кафе
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A tree restaurant – New Zealand

In New Zealand, at a height of twelve meters, there is a nest-shaped restaurant that encircles an ancient sequoia. Thanks to its design, sunlight enters the restaurant during the day, and in the evening you can enjoy the sounds of the forest. Since this treehouse restaurant is tiny and very popular, it’s best to book a table there at least a few weeks in advance.

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Ресторан в форме гнезда

Taiwanese Barbie Restaurant

In Taiwan, the Barbie Café is waiting for the doll’s international fans with open arms. The café interior, the servers’ uniform – everything is done in the unmistakable style of the legendary Barbie. The main portion of the menu is taken up by desserts, and, of course, most of them are pink!

An almost free cafe in England

No need to be afraid that you won’t have enough money to pay for lunch here: the client pays as much as he sees fit. The café owners buy the foods that may have packaging damage, and other discounted products. All the ingredients are fresh, though, so don’t worry, come in and try restaurant-level dishes from inexpensive ingredients.

Bench Cafe

An English etiquette restaurant

Another café in the UK that reserves the right to refuse service and banish a client for non-compliance with the rules of etiquette. What are those rules? To begin with, they include not putting your elbows on the table, laughing out loud or sneezing at the table – or you risk being left without a delicious dinner. Despite this policy, the place is very popular.

Tea Cosy Room

The list of unusual cafes and restaurants can be continued indefinitely, because if the owners invest their creativity and a piece of their soul in it, any place has its own zest and a unique atmosphere.

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