6 things that you are used to paying for, but just DIY

We are so accustomed to turning to professionals for everything that sometimes we don’t realize how much we can do on our own without spending money. So, let’s talk about six things for which DIY is a great solution!

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Children costumes for various holidays

If children need costumes for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays, when masquerades are held in schools and kindergartens, you should not immediately order something from a seamstress or buy ready-made ones.

To create a costume from scratch, you will need to study the ready-made guides on YouTube or other platforms, buy some fabric, threads to match the color and accessories, whose cost will be clearly lower than the ready-made costumes. Or quite a large part of the image can be created independently from improvised materials and clothes that you no longer need — the holiday itself will be much more memorable!

Gardening tools

If you haven’t used gardening tools for a long time, and they are covered with a thick layer of rust, this is not a reason to throw them away and buy new ones or take them to a workshop for paid repair. Everyone can fix them on their own, because all you need is a little household chemicals and diligence.

Fun fact: don’t think that instead of spending on new tools, you will have to spend money on expensive cleaning products. When the rust is thin, you can deal with just a little white vinegar and steel wool.

Vegetables that can be grown at home

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Many are so used to buying veggies that they don’t even consider growing them themselves. If you have a little space in the garden or a free window sill for a flowerpot, then why not try it — vegetables that can be grown at home without much hassle include tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, lettuce, onions.

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It’s not only about savings, but also about taste and quality. You will know one hundred percent what kind of land your vegetables grew on, what fertilizers were used and how much time passed from picking the plant to hitting it on the table.

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Room renovation

If you want to freshen up the interior of a room or even several ones, don’t rush to call the designer who will select the color scheme and the construction team who will take care of everything else. The point is that painting walls, wallpapering, or laying linoleum/laminate is not considered a very difficult task. And you can find stylish designs and color combinations that will not bother you for many years in various guides and reviews on the Internet. You will not only save money, but will also remember your success every time, looking at your own painted walls or laid floor.

Clearing a clogged sink/toilet

Many are accustomed to seeking help from professionals as soon as they encounter a clogged sink or toilet. This is a fairly common problem, so sometimes you have to spend money on a specialist regularly. However, figuring out how to clean a sink or toilet is not difficult and takes a little time. And if you try to solve it yourself, you obviously make sure that in this case, DIY is better than paying for services.

Beauty procedures (sugaring, manicure & pedicure)

Of course, mechanical cleaning by a beautician or laser hair removal is something that you cannot do on your own anyway. However, there are other procedures on which it is possible to save money without losing quality by doing them yourself. For example, sugaring, which gained popularity a few years ago and is considered one of the best ways to remove hair for a few weeks, is quite possible to do at home.

The cost of consumables is minimal because you need a few tablespoons of sugar, some water and a teaspoon of lemon juice to boil and make undercooked caramel. After thinly spreading the sticky substance and putting a cotton cloth on top, you just have to quickly tear off the strip at the right angle. In addition, it also works as a gentle scrub — the skin will be soft and pleasant to the touch.

The same goes for manicure & pedicure: learning how to properly care for the cuticles and the nail plate is easy, as well as the careful application of nail polish. This will save you a round sum every month, and you`ll also be able to carry out the procedure at any time convenient for you, not looking for a free time when you can visit a master.

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