20 ideas how to find and make use of extra income streams

Having extra cash apart from your primer job is a dream. Saving money is great, earning money is even greater. So, if your current goal is to make more, you are at the right place. Enjoy and make use of the ways below.

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1.  Online tutoring

Preply.com, Tutor.com, Tutorme.com, Studypool.com are great if you want tech online. Some of these services are really picky with the acceptance rate as low as 4%! Stay strong and avoid doing homework or writing essays for lazy students. 

2. Become a user experience tester

Get paid for 20-30 minutes’ review. Use services like Usertesting.com, Trymyui.com. Sometimes all you need is to just scroll through a website and give feedback on it.

3. Do freelance

Thousands of jobs at Fiverr.com. Marketing, fashion designing, tips from a real bar owner. What’s your knowledge you can share with the world? 

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4. Work as a virtual assistant

If you organize yourself and your little ones on a daily basis, why not getting paid for organizing other people and getting paid for that? Some business owners may hire you as a virtual assistant through services like Upwork or Zirtual. 

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5. Become an influencer

If you have your audience, maybe not so big to start monetizing it by yourself but still loyal and listening, start with entering a network of content creators and brands like https://www.shareasale.com or Amazon Associates. Who knows, maybe the world will see a new Michelle Phan, the new generation is waiting!

6. Become a social media manager

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If you do not collaborate with the brands, you may work for one of them and be a part of a committed team! One of the jobs that can be performed remotely is this one! All you need is to have writing skills, be a user of the most popular social media (who is not?) and stay committed and organized.

7. Sell the photos from your phone

You may earn five dollars for each picture you made on your phone. Install the FOAP app on your phone and start selling. Maybe you’ll see photos made by you on big brand billboards, and this feeling costs millions! 

8.  Drive for Uber 

You’ve got a vehicle? Good! Why not earn some extra profit from that? Set your own schedule and collect stories from the passengers!

 9. Bring joy to people (we mean food)!

People eat, right? Deliver that happiness to them! Uber Eats or Grubhub feel good, smell good, earn good! Top tip: if the order is canceled, some services allow you to keep the food for yourself, extra benefit detected.

10. Join survey services

Now, there’s an opportunity to share your valuable opinion to those interested. Just use Google search for “focus groups” or “paid surveys” to check out what services are available in your area. Some of the surveys may be online, some are held via zoom or on the phone. More and more companies are sending their products to test, if you happen to be the relevant target audience.

11. Take up caregiving or babysitting

Varying from one-time babysitting (parents need date nights, too!) to a long-term employment, it is requested. Don’t be fooled by the idea that babysitting is for teenagers only, your experience of getting along with children will be highly appreciated. Spread a word about your babysitting in your local community or post on your social media pages or join online websites of babysitters and caregivers.

12. Pet sitting and pet walking

Pets are our babies, who dares to disagree? If you love dogs and cats, get paid for playing with them! Check Rover.com to create your account, the service works in 10 countries around the world. Yes, this job puts a smile on your face!

13. Advertise on your car

The most passive income ever! All you do is put ads stickers on your car and start earning. The income depends on how much you drive and how populated your area is. Your car should qualify, but the requests are pretty logical and easy to meet. Check if these services are available in your country or search for the local ones: Wrapify, StickerRide, Carbucks.

 14. Are you handy?

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Get paid for that! Some people will appreciate your help with furniture assembling, lawn mowing or some backyard works. Get the task and get the cash. Check services like TaskRabbit or find the local ones.

15. Earn on financial coaching

As long as you’re reading this on our blog you are supposedly interested in finances, savings and investments. Put your passion in education and get certified as a financial coach to help other people and get emotional and financial rewards. Programs like Ramsey Financial Coach Master Training do not require any certificates or degrees and will supply you with knowledge and a financial coach certificate.

16. Rent out your space

Got a spare bedroom at your apartment or home? Rent it on VRBO or Airbnb. Some travelers on a budget will appreciate affordable renting and you will earn extra cash on something you already have.

17. Rent out your car

Schedule the days when you might not need your car and rent it out. Services like Turo work worldwide (available in 56 countries now) or GetAround (950 cities around the world) and provide you with insurance in case of damage.

18. Sell your used electronics

Ready to upgrade for a new iPhone? Purchased a new laptop? Then you might want to sell your old phone or a laptop. Buy-back services like Gazelle, Decluttr, BuyBackBoss, GadgetGone and others, just check which one works in your location.

 19. Rent out baby stuff

Yes, you can! Instead of selling your baby’s cribs, strollers, cat seats, you may rent them out. Yes, even toys! Because you might need them again, for a new baby. Service BabyQuip works internationally with 900+ locations.

 20. Rent out equipment

If you are a professional photographer or just happen to own a good camera, which may earn you some money if you rent it out. Or you have a nice audio system which you may rent out for someone’s graduation party. Use services like FatLlama or check out for the local services.

So many fun ways to earn more right? Maybe those recommendations will help you find other types of earning more, enjoy and earn!

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