The 5 new rules of customer behavior: what every business must know

Different customers have evolved with varying personalities and perspectives about sales. Some have a heightened taste for service or product, while others seek a trustworthy business to commit to. One of the significant changes to customer behavior that companies witnessed came right after the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Fun fact: the extent to which your business impacts depends on how much attention you pay to address this change in customer behavior. In a little while, we will be looking at the top 5 rules for responding appropriately to the change in customer behavior as a business.

Top 5 rules of customer behavior – every business must consider:

  • Approach the eyes, not the brain
  • Explore, don’t exploit
  • The currency of trust, not beauty
  • Cost still works
  • Suspense sells more

Let’s look at it more closely:

Rule #1: Approach the eyes, not the brain

Customers globally have been made to respond more to what they can physically relate with. Unlike the conventional business approach that attempts to interact with customers’ ability to reason deeply, things have drastically changed over the last decade.

As a business owner, the first rule to bear in mind is to devise product and service offerings that appeal to your customers—essentially what they can relate to at first sight. In this case, providing eye-catching services and products could be a game changer.

Conversely, ensuring that your business website is user-centered and offers easy accessibility to customers is a big win.

Rule #2: Explore, don’t exploit

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As you aim to grow your business, you must also learn to apply the exploration rule. Here is where you constantly take inventory of customer changes and then create a service that responds to the changes. The last thing you want to do is to focus solely on conversion, not minding if it comes at the cost of your customer’s ignorance or confidence in you.

You can, for instance, have a business strategy that takes the quarterly response from your customers about your product or service. This information will be used to provide an enjoyable experience to them as they can’t help coming back for more.

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Rule #3: The currency of trust, not beauty

A successful business is built on trust. How do you gain the confidence of people who have had some level of exposure and a shift in paradigm about similar companies in the industry? The simple answer is to remain authentic, provide quality service or products, and be consistent.

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Regardless of how appealing your product is or how mouth-watering your service offering is, it’s mere manipulation when there’s a deficiency in genuine quality and consistency. Be unique, provide valuable customer products, and keep at it. 

Rule #4: Cost still works

Who says you must attach a high price tag to your product or service to make it more acceptable to customers? While you make your business offerings appealing, it is also great to make them affordable.

Helping to cut costs on quality services and products wins the heart of potential customers. However, you must ensure you’re not substituting quality service with a low-cost offering. An excellent way to strike a healthy balance between these two is to offer reasonable discounts on unique products or services.

Rule #5: Suspense sells more

An excellent way to respond adequately to customer change is to devise an element of suspense. When you give your customers the feeling that the best of your product or service is yet to come, they look forward to it.

Conversely, during service delivery, you may ensure to notify customers of future additions, especially to products. This can be based on their review of past product models or on assessing their data and preferences.


Customer behavior changes with time, and businesses need to adapt to this new reality. Out top 5 rules of customer behavior will help you stay afloat with the rising demand of people who want the best from the businesses around them. To sum it all up, providing catchy, quality, and user-centered offerings are the hallmark of relating to a community of customers who aspire to put their trust in a brand.

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