10 proven Forex trading tips that work

Forex trading isn’t complicated, but it requires discipline, knowledge, and experience. If you know how to combine these three elements, you will stay afloat. 

According to statistics, only 10% of beginner retail traders succeed. 

To be in that unique 10%, you should learn the most effective Forex trading tips for beginners. 

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1. Learn a lot

You should always start with comprehensive learning. Usually, traders learn trading strategies, believing it’s enough to trade successfully. However, beginning with the basics is vital. Trading fundamentals include bid and ask prices, rollovers, margin, and leverage. After learning about those, you can move on to learning about indicators, patterns, and strategies. 

Those traders who know the basics and have chosen some strategies should constantly improve their skills by learning new techniques. 

2. Demo trading

After reading numerous trading tutorials, newbies often believe they have enough knowledge to enter the market. However, knowledge isn’t enough; you should practice. A demo account is a risk-free tool for opening realistic but virtual trades without risking real funds. A demo account simulates real market conditions, letting you check how successful your trade would be if you opened it now on a real account. You can open a free demo account with any broker and place an infinite number of trades. 

3. Risk/reward ratio

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Most strategies determine specific entry and exit points. However, the market constantly changes, and the level of volatility and liquidity will affect your exit points. If you doubt the effectiveness of general rules, you should use a risk/reward ratio. 

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A risk/reward ratio is an approach that determines how much risk you can take compared to your potential profit. For instance, a 1:2 risk/reward ratio says you shouldn’t risk over half of your potential income. 

The larger the ratio is, the safer your trade will be.

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4. Predetermined stop-loss and take-profit levels

You aren’t obliged to determine stop-loss and take-profit levels in advance when opening a trade. However, it’s highly recommended to place these orders when you open medium- and long-term trades. If you are a beginner, you should always set stop loss and take profit. 

5. 1% risk

One of the common Forex trading tips says you shouldn’t put over 1% of your trading balance in one trade. The percentage may differ depending on your experience, balance, and the number of positions. If you are a beginner trader, you should stick to this rule. If you have experience, you can increase the percentage to 5. 

6. Wise money management

It’s vital to know how much you can spend on trading. Trading is accompanied by high risks. Therefore, the funds you spend on this activity shouldn’t affect your daily life. It means you should use only free capital. 

7. Fundamental and technical analysis

Usually, traders are divided into those who use technical analysis and those who prefer trading based on the news. However, it’s worth combining the approaches to have the full picture. 

8. Don’t go against the market

This is one of the popular top 10 Forex trading tips. If you see your trade is failing, close it and never add funds expecting the market to turn in your favor. It’s normal to suffer losses. What is more important is to accept and limit them.

9. Don’t deviate from the plan

Before entering the market, you should have a specific plan. It must include where and when to open a trade, how much funds to put into it, and when to close it. Don’t change your decision while the position is open, as it will lead to additional risks. 

10. Confirm trades

When using technical analysis tools, you should know that a trading decision is never made on a single signal. Confirming an alert with 1-2 signals of other indicators and patterns is vital. 


These are free Forex trading tips available in many guides. Still, most traders forget them. If you stick to these recommendations, you will increase your chances of trading effectively.

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