Top 7 gifts for a day trader

According to a survey, people are more likely to buy presents for their pets than their friends. But out of the 37% of people who would get gifts for their friends, some of them may need to shop for someone who’s a full-time trader. If you’re one of those people, check out this selection for the most practical gift ideas. 

1. Adjustable desk

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Home-based offices often lack a comfortable, ergonomic desk, purpose-built and specially designed for you to sit at all day. Because day traders spend a lot of time behind their monitors, they’ll definitely enjoy having a nice desk to work at. 

A standing desk is one of those fad pieces of furniture that everyone is talking about. But in this case, it’s for a good reason. An adjustable desk is even better—it gives you the option to switch your position from time to time. 

2. Ergonomic desk chair

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If your trader friend already has a nice desk, consider getting them an ergonomic chair for a perfect home office combo. You want them to be not only comfortable but also healthy. You don’t want them to sit in a dining room chair, which will put their body under all sorts of extra pressure and strain.

A good chair will transform their whole working experience because:

  • They will be able to adjust the seat height and armrests;
  • The curved design will maintain a healthy sitting posture;
  • Such a chair is extremely comfortable to sit in.

3. Blue light blocking glasses

Many day traders suffer from dry, irritated eyes after a long day of staring at their computers. This happens because blue light penetrates the retina and causes photochemical damage. 

Although blue light isn’t responsible for all digital eye strain, this gift will help. The special computer glasses allow traders to look at screens for extended periods of time while minimizing the effects of blue light exposure. 

Other than the practical aspect, these glasses are also worth buying for style. There are different frame materials if you want something modern and stylish.

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4. Mouse pad

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While mouse pads aren’t the most exciting part of a trading setup, they are integral. Some of them are exciting in their own right—with designs and patterns created specifically for trading enthusiasts. And if you’re on a budget, you can grab some great ones for an attractive price. 

You can go with something custom and intricate, like a bull and bear design, or something more simple that just goes well with their room. 

5. Wrist brace

Every trading session requires wrist movements that can make the muscles work more than needed. It might not cause pain right away. But as traders take further steps in their career, wrist strain can lead to serious problems in the future. 

Many people prefer wearing a wrist brace at night. So, you can suggest adding this step to their evening routine. After the markets close, they can update their trading journal, read the day’s financial news, and put on their wrist brace for the night. 

6. Unique bookend

There are some home design purchases that people spend a lot of time choosing. And then there are the smaller ones that they tend to gloss over. Bookends are seemingly insignificant items that can make a surprisingly big difference. 

A bookend can be a great way to add stylish detail to the room or reveal aspects of the owner’s personality. Perhaps an eye-catching bull and bear bookend set would do? It would be perfect for holding your friend’s favorite trading books, like Market Wizards and Trading in the Zone.

7. Money tree

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A money tree is said to bring good luck and positive energy. According to the legend, a farmer in Taiwan noticed a unique plant growing in his field many centuries ago. He decided to sell these plants for a profit, which made him a very prosperous man.

What’s more, a money tree requires little maintenance, doesn’t need a lot of light or water, and has great air-improving qualities.

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