Top 5 VAR games for traders

Trading is often considered a complicated thing that requires lots of skills. While there are so many trading strategies and materials that seek to help traders improve their skills, trading games are another way to learn how to minimize losses, build a strategy, and place trade orders. Trading games allow you to imitate trading and participate in the market without putting any real money at risk. They offer several options where you can challenge yourself or compete with others. 

These games create a real-like environment where you will be given a predetermined amount of fake money. Real-time stock market investing simulations are available in most of these trading games. This article explains several games available for traders seeking to have fun while practicing trading to improve their skills.

VAR games are recommended for traders who are interested in having fun or would like to improve their trading skills. Either way, VAR has established itself as an essential piece of technology that supports important judgments during games. Here are some of the top trading games for traders.

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#1. Coin master, developed by Moon Active

Focus: money management and decision making

The Cup and Handle chart pattern

The coin master game is perfect for traders seeking to have fun while improving their skills. It has a social feature that lets traders create a contest and invite other players. With the help of an online portfolio, you can keep track of your stocks, compete with friends and other virtual traders, and get a glimpse of how your investments would have turned out if you had used real money.

Players can select from various scenarios, all of which feature conventional brokerage fees per trade and firm prices that reflect real, live market prices. 

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#2. Swagbucks mahjongg, developed by Swagbucks

Focus: Risk taking and money management 

The Swagbucks mahjongg game is among the top games for traders because it is free and allows you to create a contest to compete with other users. Apart from being an interesting game, Swagbucks mahjongg seeks to provide an experience as close to actual trading as possible by providing traders with a $100,000 budget to manage their portfolio of fantasy stocks.

In this game, you can purchase and sell stocks, manage your stock portfolio and trade history, practice different trading techniques, and compare your results to those of other players. Swagbucks mahjongg allows you to start a trading competition and then invite other gamers to join. To make it more thrilling, you may apply difficult limitations, such as only permitting short selling.

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#3. Solitaire, developed by Mobility ware

Focus:  Patience and contentment

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The Solitaire trading game includes all the capabilities you’ll require to begin going right away. The platform is quick and fluid, and it has a mobile app accessible to iOS and Android users. 

A perfect mastery of Solitaire can equip traders with a much needed behavioral response to trading pips. It is fun and 100% enjoyable.

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#4. Pirates and merchants-port royale, developed by Ascaron

Focus:  Patience and decision making

The port royale game is ideal for traders seeking to have fun while improving their skills. It has stunning features and an update sync for every edition. With the help of its online portfolio, you can keep track of your progress, compete with friends and other virtual traders, and get a glimpse of how your investments would have turned out if you had used real money.

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#5. Monster strike, developed by Mixi Inc.

Focus:  Risk taking and management

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Monster strike is another entertaining but educative game for traders. In the entertaining and instructive game Monster strike, participants are given a $100,000 budget to invest in whatever companies they choose. It features simple stock ratings and suggestions, a sizable resource library, and help in conducting corporate research. Also, it is a good learning source If you want to learn more about investing. 

Monster strike allows you to trade stocks and participate in leagues where the top performers receive monthly prizes. Moreover, you may start your leagues and invite other people to join them!

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Final thoughts

These are trading games that can improve your skills as a trader. While they are fun and educational, it all depends on what you want. From Coin master to Monster strike, these trading games are options you should consider as a trader because of their numerous impact on your trading capabilities.

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