Top 5 trading indicators for every beginner trader

Nothing seems better than keeping it simple while trading. As a trader, you want to avoid complicating things when trading, especially if you are trading for the first time. The best trading indicators are strategies that help you trade better and are less complicated. 

Working with simple trading strategies is vital to consider before starting forex trading. You need a trading plan that includes chart indicators and a guide on using indicators to get started. This article explains the top 5 best trading indicators you should use as a beginner trader. 

Key points

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  • Beginner traders tend to make trading complicated because they settle for strong trading indicators.
  • To be successful as a trader, choose a simple and effective trading indicators
  • Losses are inevitable, but traders can minimize risks with effective trading indicators. 

5 trading indicators you should consider

1. Moving averages

You should not think that trading indicators are useless. To a large degree, they contribute to any successful trading experience. Moving Averages is an essential type of trading indicator. It represents the overall sentiment of the price because the moving average calculates the average of the last number of the candlestick. 

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Moving Average is the best way to study the market before entering any position. It is one of the most essential trading indicators every trader must understand. If the price is trading above the moving average, buyers are in charge of the market. However, if the price is trading below the moving average, sellers have control of the cost. As a result, if the price is above the moving average, you should focus your trading approach on buying trades.

In addition, the simple moving average shows the average price of the previous number of candles, which aids traders in understanding the market environment. The exponential moving average focuses on the most recent movement and assists traders in entering a trade.

2. Relative strength index (RSI)

This particular type of trading indicator is simple to use when trading. If you like to buy assets at low prices to sell at a high price, RSI is the perfect indicator because it helps strengthen your decision-making, further enabling you to know when to buy, hold or sell.

You can choose to buy or sell signals in a ranging market. On the other hand, trading in a trending market is easier because you can follow the trend. RSI is a perfect indicator for a trending market. It enables traders to predict entry and exit prices ahead of time. 

3. Utilizing stochastics

Stochastics are oscillators that determine the value of an asset to help traders determine which one is overbought or oversold. One of the features of Stochastics trading indicator is the entry signals. The oscillators have two lines, %K and %D, which traders must discover to spot a strong buy signal in the trend’s direction.

4. Moving averages convergence and divergence (MACD)

MACD trading indicators are perfect for trending or ranging markets and show the changes. MACD is a type of day trading indicator. It is essential to learn how to get signals from indicators. When using the MACD trading indicator, you must recognize the lines about the zero line, which indicates whether the currency pair is biased upward or downward. Second, you want to find a crossover or cross under the MACD line (Red) to the Signal line (Blue) for a buy or sell transaction.

5. Commodity channel index (CCI)

While the Commodity Channel Index appears similar to RSI, they have a different type of application. Like other oscillators, Commodity Channel Index is a tool that helps find profitable market entry. CCI combines technical analysis, price analysis, and trendline breakouts. If you are trying to identify different entry opportunities, Commodity Channel Index is a good approach because it integrates different time-frame analyses.

Final words

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Trading indicators are the best tools to help traders determine asset price movement and values. Trading requires discovering the right signals and entries, so traders must choose indicators that have price action technical analysis or breakouts, or candlestick patterns. 

When doing research, traders should bear in mind market trends, relative strength, volume, and mean reversion. 

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  • Do pros need trading indicators?

Technical analyses and trading indicators are necessary because they give a clear insight into the market. They are also helpful to pro traders because they offer exposure to market trends. It further fosters accuracy amongst pro traders, thus training and strengthening their decision-making.

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  • How many indicators should a trader use?

A trader can choose to use more than one indicator when trading. Trying to adopt someone else’s pattern might yield no results and thus making it look as if indicators are useless. However, it would be best to stick to what works for you.

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