The 10 most useless gadgets

Science and technology are developing at an increasingly faster pace every day, filling every sphere of human activity with innovations. On average, respondents spend 5 hours on work tasks and 3 hours on personal matters with gadgets. It’s believed that managers and young people use innovations more than anyone else. Devices are presumably aimed at simplifying people’s lives, but the desired effect doesn’t always coincide with reality, and we end up simply wasting money on unnecessary and useless things. This article will help you to figure out what you need to improve your life, and what you can easily do without. 

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Umbrella drone 


The product combines two items at once — a flying drone and an umbrella. The only thing that the developers focused on is the protection of owner from natural precipitation – rain and snow. But because of its hands-free design, the device has become almost impossible to control in strong winds. Since the product hasn’t yet been finalized (it makes a characteristic noise, cannot cope with strong gusts of wind, etc.), this umbrella drone probably isn’t intended for long-term use. The general idea is curious, but an ordinary umbrella also provides good protection from precipitation, doesn’t it?

Pocket shower

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This object is quite simple in design, comprising an ordinary bag that’s filled with water. On average, the device holds 10-20 liters of water. Naturally, this amount of liquid is unlikely to help you take a full shower. It’s also inconvenient to transport this device due to its large dimensions and weight. Even the presence of a convenient water adjustment function, the portable shower hasn’t found great popularity among buyers just yet.

Computer mouse with built-in scales


Who may suddenly need to weigh something while working away at a computer? Well, we can’t think of anyone, but this device still exists. The inventors of the particular mouse created it as a universal assistant that would weigh items from 1 to 500 grams, but as far as we can tell, the gadget hasn’t found much use.

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HushMe voice mask

The device is an actual muzzle-like mask that’s placed on the lower part of a person’s face. Its purpose is very simple – to keep your phone conversation private and cancel the background noise. The idea may be good, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired, and the buyers are in no hurry to purchase the product. It may very well be due to the fact people are scared off by the looks of the HushMe Mask.

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Bluetooth toaster 


Toaster performs all the standard functions of a conventional device, the main difference being the remote-control option. In addition, the system has a built-in ability to remember user settings, so you don’t have to set the equipment parameters every time. Theoretically, the thing is useful, but, as it turned out in practice, it’s much more expensive than a regular toaster. To tell the truth, its signature function is simply unnecessary: this toaster only works for a minute or two, and does it very well without remote control.

Nose-shaped soap dispenser 


The creators apparently assumed that the huge nose that dispenses soap from its nostrils, suspiciously similar to snot, is a witty and original idea for the bathroom. Pranksters may appreciate this kind of design, but from the outside it just looks disgusting. 

Automatic egg counter


A counter connects to a smartphone and, syncing, tells the owner how many eggs are left at home. In addition to its important main function, the device is able to warn about a possible product expiration: it highlights the egg that you put in the cell before the others, thereby warning that its expiration date is approaching the end. For people who always forget to buy that dozen eggs, such an innovation may be suitable, but in general, the thing is extremely useless, and humanity can easily do without it.

Dog babysitter 

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A dog may be a man’s best friend, but some people take this expression too seriously. For overly caring owners, developers came up with a device that will monitor your pet from a distance. The system responds to a dog’s barking and sends notifications to the connected phone. In response, you can turn on the live broadcast, look at your dog, talk to it and even throw it some food, if you didn’t forget to fill the gadget with delicious treats for your fluffy, four-legged baby. Overprotective? Maybe, but at least it will make your dog feel better when it misses you…

Refrigerator with TV and Internet access


This device costs about $5000 and isn’t just a refrigerator, but a full-blown mega-brain. Everything is built into the menu: the machine monitors product shelf life, knows what’s inside, and can recommend something for lunch. It is also capable of synchronizing the calendars of your entire family, turning on your favorite program, and opening Facebook so that you can chat while you arrange your yogurts in a straight line. Honestly, we’d opt for a regular refrigerator and skim through Facebook at another time.

Smart kettle


This is another device that can be controlled remotely via a phone. The gadget allows to adjust the water temperature and the switch-on time. Unfortunately, the smart kettle doesn’t know how to pour water and brew coffee on its own yet, and all this will have to be done by the owners themselves. 

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