What do you think you know about trading

Some questions can have two or more correct answers
Mark all the trend types
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Mark all the quote types
Cross rates
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Quote EUR/USD means
How much money you have in Euro on your deposit
How much money you have in US dollars on your deposit
How many US dollars you pay for 1 Euro
How many Euros you pay for 1 US dollar
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Most volatility and aggressive trading session (time) is
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Risk management helps you to
Reduce probability of loss
Manage your deposit
Hold balancing between maximum profits and moderate risks
Maximize your profit
Keep the size of losses under control
Open more deals
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The most popular index for trading is
Dow Jones IA
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Money management helps you to
Use capital management techniques properly
Open less risky deals
Minimize your losses
Open more deals
Manage your deposit
Keep trading without losses
Stop trading right on time
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Demo account is used for
Permanent trading
Testing any new techniques and Strategies
Comparing quotes
Observing volatility
Non-risk learning how to trade
Training for Tournaments
Making profit
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Main rules in trading for profit growth are
Use intuitive trading
Use tested strategies
Forget Risk and Money management
Analyze your trades and performance
Don't use indicators, trade on "free" chart only
Manage your Risk and Money
Trade only while you are calm and concentrated
Don't follow the mob: trade up on downtrend and vise versa
Stop trading when you feel tired
Trading is not about long-term activity
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Result: Beginner
Congratulations! You have recently become acquainted with the topic of trading and it is wonderful! You have an exciting journey to a whole new world in front of you. And here are some recommendations to help you in this journey

Key recommendations:

  • Re-read and study in more detail the basic principles of Technical analysis 
  • Build basic money and risk management skills on a Demo account
  • Get your “Trading journal” and learn how to keep it disciplined
  • Take part in some Tournaments to confirm your skills and get experience in trading under pressure
Result: Experienced
Congratulations! You are quite familiar with the basic concepts of trading, which means that you will be able to improve your trading faster with our help

Key recommendations:

  • Read “Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications” by John J. Murphy
  • Combine more complicated methods with your already working trading strategies 
  • Read and study the basic Elliott wave theory and Fibonacci tools
Result: Professional
Congratulations! You did a great job, which means that trading is a well-known world for you. But as in any world, this one also has little explored and familiar corners for you, and we will help to explore them

Key recommendations:

  • Adopt your money management and already working trading strategies to several correlated assets
  • Test on Demo account and Improve your Trading System with new technical analysis tools. Some of them may fit better with your money management.
  • read ”The (mis)behavior of markets: a fractal view of risk, ruin, and reward” by Benoit Mandelbrot and Richard L. Hudson if you haven’t yet. It can upside down your market understanding and trading approach!v
Knowledge is power. You get +100% to your deposit.
Valid from 18/09 to 30/09
Way to go!

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