Review of the main features of Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin Analytics (formerly Chaikin Power Tools) is a powerful platform for research and stock market analysis. It allows users to gain insight into their potential investments and identify hidden market opportunities. In this article, we’ll look at the different features Chaikin Analytics offers, such as stock rating Power Gauge, and highlight the reasons for using it found in reviews from 2021-2022.

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Main tools of Chaikin Analytics

The most notable feature of Chaikin Analytics is its highly accurate market data analysis. The platform contains news and reports by experts required for stock trading. It provides a real-time overview of market conditions and obtaining historical trends.

The platform helps investors identify chart patterns and indicators used in the technical analysis of stocks. It includes:

  • Trend lines.
  • Support/resistance levels.
  • Relative strength index (RSI), etc.

Below we will look at the main tools of Chaikin Analytics that real users highlight.

Stock screener

Chaikin Analytic performance reviews have been positive for its stock screener’s accuracy. This tool allows investors to quickly filter through multiple stocks and narrow their choices. Securities are rated based on factors such as:

  • earnings;
  • sentiment;
  • momentum;
  • risk.

Investors have a more comprehensive view of the stock and can assess its prospects better.

The Power Gauge Rating

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Chaikin Analytics reviews also mention the usefulness of the Power Gauge Rating. The system gives users an in-depth look into individual stocks. It monitors their performance relative to the overall market and offers a snapshot of a company’s financial performance and current trends.

The Chaikin Analytics Power Gauge is based on an analysis of 20+ fundamental and technical indicators such as:

  • Bollinger Bands.
  • Relative Strength Index.
  • Average True Range.
  • Moving Averages. 

All of these help investors make informed decisions when trading stocks.

Watch lists

The platform lets users create watchlists to track the performance of their stocks. It also helps to compare different securities based on technical analysis and quantitative indicators.

Moreover, Chaikin Analytics offers a variety of customization options. For example, screen results are compiled into a default watchlist that users can filter and add to custom lists.

User-friendly charts

The intuitively designed charts provided by Chaikin Analytics are updated in real-time. This way, investors and traders can make informed decisions without any delay.

Moreover, charts contain many tools for technical and fundamental analysis, such as trend lines, Chaikin Money Flow, Relative Strength, and SPY indicators.

Alerts and notifications

Chaikin Analytics also provides bullish/bearish alerts on stocks obtained from preset filters. Some include correlations, new highs, and momentum changes. The signals can be customized according to your preferences on watch lists and the scanner filters.

Educational materials

To get you up and running quickly on how to use the platform, it contains free tutorials, including videos, webinars, and a blog. Analysis reports and press releases are also available.

Chaikin hot lists

Chaikin Hot Lists are pre-configured stock screens that can be used to find bearish or bullish ones and trade ideas. Among them, Factor Movers, Power Gauge, Indicators, Signals, and Earnings Hot Lists can be primarily distinguished.

After selecting the type of hot list, a visual list of stocks complete with their Chaikin Power Gauge rating, last trade, and daily returns will be displayed. By clicking on a specific security in it, you will open a chart already filled in with suitable indicators.

Options play

Options Play is a tool that helps users generate and analyze strategies for trading stocks and options. It enables users to run through multiple scenarios and choose the best one.

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Once you have selected the asset, you can click the OptionsPlay button to generate trading ideas based on the bullish or bearishness of the underlying stock. It can be, for instance, a spread or stock sale. You can change strategy parameters.

In addition to the P&L Simulator that allows calculating potential income, Options Play Score is provided, which shows how the Chaikin Analytics platform evaluates the resulting strategy.

Note! Despite the temptation of generating ready-made strategies, you must have your own approach to trading and specific knowledge, including about the option Greeks.


The Chaikin Analytics platform also provides Discovery, a tool to find stocks with positive and negative correlations to any selected one. Its main advantage is accuracy: Discovery makes comparisons not only based on the price and performance of the asset but also the components of the Power Gauge ratings.

Advantages Of Chaikin Analytics

Traders who use its services highlight the following advantages of Chaikin Analytics:

  • Help in choosing an asset

It allows one to quickly analyze the potential of stocks and understand whether it is worth investing in them or not. Thanks to the platform’s tools, traders can identify securities with strong momentum and potential for future growth.

  • Professional analysis

Chaikin Analytics includes the following for comprehensive analysis:

  • technical indicators;
  • fundamental data;
  • news analysis;
  • sentiment analysis. 

These help traders make better-informed decisions.

  • The convenience of use

The platform is designed to be easy to use for all types of traders. Its user-friendly interface allows beginners to learn how to use the platform quickly. And experienced market participants can take advantage of advanced features.

Now let’s look at what limitations distinguish the platform.

  • Educational content

Chaikin Analytics provides free access to market reports, expert commentary, webinars, video tutorials, a blog, etc.

Disadvantages Of Chaikin Analytics

Despite its advantages, Chaikin Analytics has some downsides:

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  • Expensive plans

Chaikin Analytics has different pricing plans. They are pretty expensive, and traders with small budgets may find these prices challenging to afford.

Fortunately, Chaikin Analytics offers discounts for yearly subscriptions. As a result, it can make plans more affordable.

  • Some features are too advanced for beginners

Chaikin Analytics offers many features to help traders identify opportunities in the market, such as alerts. However, some of them may seem too complicated for beginners. For example, some of the Chaikin Analytics reviews say that it requires some experience to understand how the Power Gauge works.

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How much time does it take to understand Chaikin Analytics?

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Using the platform takes practice and understanding the market, but it is simple enough. Reviews of Chaikin Analytics show that users usually master it within a couple of days.

The platform offers tutorials on both its website and YouTube. If you are stuck, you can watch how to use the platform step-by-step.

The bottom line

All in all, Chaikin Analytics is a great platform to help you grow your investments. With its comprehensive tools and helpful customer service, it’s no wonder that Chaikin Analytics reviews in 2021-2022 are so positive. They make it possible to assert that the platform is suitable for all stock market participants looking to get the most out of their investments. The data-driven strategies make it easier to evaluate the potential income and make informed decisions.

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